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Media Teacher Vacancy

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by mrsocrates, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hello.

    We have a vacancy for a full time teacher of Media at a school in North East Essex from September. The school has great media facilities and the subject is very popular at KS4 (approx 240 students across years 10 and 11) and KS5 (approx 180 students across years 12 and 13). We will be moving into a brand new sixth form building in September that will house all our post-16 courses. Media is a highly regarded subject in our school and as such has received a high amount of investment and support from SLT.

    For more details about the school and department as well as an application form visit our website - http://www.ttchome.co.uk

    Here is a link to our department youtube channel. This should give you an idea of what we are all about - http://www.youtube.com/user/ttcscamptv

    If you require any further information, please leave your contact details and I will get in touch.

    Many thanks.

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