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Media Studies Day Trip

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by dannimaibaum, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Hello All,I am looking for some inspiration for a decent media studies day trip? Needs to be fairly cheap as students will be funding it themselves, and as we can only go for a day, cant be in New York! Have any of you been on one that was fun and informative?!
  2. Depends on how big your group is and your age group - but when I was looking after a very small Year 12 BTEC group in my last school, I took them to the local BBC station in Cambridge for a tour. All local BBC offices offer the facility as far as I am aware, and it's free. They got to tour the radio station, look in the edit suits, and sit behind the desk in the newsroom studio where their local news came from.

    If you are near London, BBC TV Centre offer tours as well. They can handle much larger groups - but there is a charge.

    Again in London - the BFI always has a lot going on and you can book a session in their MediaTech suite, with access to its massive film library.

    If you are outside the South East, i think there is a museum of advertising in Bradford or somewhere (not totally sure) that is always keen to host school groups.
  3. National Media Museum? Not sure where you're based but it's in Bradford, Yorkshire.

  4. Thanks for that, looking at BFI workshops at the moment. Have about 30-40 students so its quite a big group!

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