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Media and Film 2011, INSET for WJEC, 29/30 September

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by gavski, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Hi Tom

    Each year I see this and each year I would love to go...but...
    Firstly my school won't let me out or secondly pay for it :S

    Is there any way I can get resources from it? :)

  2. Have you also heard about the new Edusites - FilmEdu? They have http://english.edusites.co.uk/ and http://media.edusites.co.uk already.

    Now http://film.edusites.co.uk has launched. They have experts who can come to your school and are getting resources on now. Maybe you could do some training with them? I know I will be as I can't get out of school this side of Christmas!
  3. I think the Edu sites are very good and provide some excellent materials but for a two day INSET especially for WJEC you can't beat the MEW conference. Experienced deliverers (all WJEC examiers) and a whole load of media teachers exchanging ideas with each other; great track record and generally lots of fun.
  4. There are still a very small number of places remaining at this event.

    Gav, I'm sorry but we are unable to provide course materials to people who aren't attending the conference.

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