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ME/CFS Reasonable adjustments?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by malcontent76, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. malcontent76

    malcontent76 New commenter

    I'm off on long-term sick leave and looking to get back into work again.
    While there are a number of reasonable adjustments that can be made for workers with Chronic Fatigue none of them suit the teaching environment very well. It's physical exhaustion and cognitive impairment affecting me. For my bosses this is day 33 of it causing problems for them, for me it's day 2,573.
    I've been ill with this for seven years and this is now my third long-term absence. I feel my future will have to be out of teaching as it's a demanding role and while I hold my job down I'm wrecked for evenings and weekends which make for a very poor family life.
    Reasonable adjustments can include things like:
    • short regular rest periods
    • reduced workload
    • reducing physical tasks
    • changing work location
    • working from home
    • regular meetings with occupational health to review progress
    • aids or equipment to support
    • closer / designated parking space
    Some of these just don't fit in with the teaching day, I can't move lessons or rooms around mid-year and getting regular breaks is tough when you've a few minutes scheduled between classes.

    Does anyone have any advice for adjustments that have worked for them?

    For others that may be in this position this was my brainstormed list of potential changes. They're easier to arrange at the start of the year of course.
    Things that can change are:
    timetable (drop some classes), classes taught (switch with others), students taught (removing / swapping)m rooms (reducing number of moves needed), equipment, load (reducing load carried / distance / frequency), desk space (regular access rather than hot-desks), parking (proximity), breaks (frequency, length), aids (walking stick / wheelchair / lift), hours, days, meetings, paperwork / bureaucracy, marking load, noise (sensory overload), temperature (heater/ fan), etc.

    Some of these may be possible in your schools in ways they are not in mine but perhaps it will help.

    My employer offers a 4 week phased return to work and I doubt that will be enough for me. I may look at reducing the numbers of days I work or even switching to a non-reaching role

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