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Me and My TA

Discussion in 'Primary' started by xbhappy4evax, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. taj


    We always have to go into school on INBSET days too. Usually we get really boring stuff to do like sticking on labels.
  2. This is an interesting first post. Perhaps if you have had to 'fight management' then you have a need for a strong Union involvement?
    I see that, as many people have said, my TA spending her time mounting bits of paper onto a wall or putting this in plastic wallets a waste of her time. I would rather have her working with children to enhance their learning and when I am sat here a 7 in the morning I can stick a couple of bits through the laminator and get excited with the staple gun to my hearts content. I dont see that 20 minutes of my time when I make the choice to be here is more valuable than 20 minutes of my TA's time between 9 and 3.15.
    But maybe thats it, maybe you see your time as more valuable than that of your TA's? Who knows. Disagree with your statement though.

  3. What's the problem? I watch Waterloo Road and all teachers seem to have plenty of time on their hands, as do TAs... They're always able to wander through the school, dream up major projects that get implemented with no debate in a few hours (complete with professional displays, posters etc)... Class sizes are about 14-18... staff employment is easy as you can just employunqualified school-leavers to do a confidential skilled role such as HM Secretary... or perhaps I shouldn't take that programme as reflecting reality too closely. (Or at all.)
  4. I started out many years ago- actually only 5- but anyway as a LSA/TA. It taught me a lot about what a teacher's life is like and when I went on to train as a teacher, the most important lesson I learnt was communication with my TA.
    You will get some TAs who will only do the job they are paid to do, and that is perfectly fine. You also get some teachers who will only do the the job they are paid to do. But if you are lucky enough to get to work with a TA who sees when you are stressed or pushed for time, they will support you when you need it most. I never ask my TA do anything I can do myself, but by having a really good relationship with them through regularly chatting and communicating with them on both a personal and professional level, I have found that they are willing to help when I need some extra support.
  5. This question makes interesting reading.
    I teach students to become Level 2 Teaching Assistants. The whole role of the Teaching Assistant is to assist the teacher in whatever you require, but as a teacher you will have an awareness of your expectations. Teaching Assistants were also put in place to take the 26 tasks from a teacher after the Teacher Reform several years ago. Obviously you will come to a compromise with your TA and an understanding of how your both work together will become apparent over the next few months.
  6. No, it should be my TA and me!!
  7. Putting up a display is well within the remit of a teaching assistant. Your mentor should advise you of the range of duties of a teaching assistant and what you can reasonably expect a TA to do.
    The teaching assistant can support pupils individually or in groups during learning activities. He/she can be timetabled to spend a period on preparation of resources such as laminating/photocoping or whatever task the teacher considers necessary - depending on how many hours have been allocated to you. It maybe something like 2 hours a fortnight with the rest of the time supporting pupils.
    It is worth finding out the nature of the role of the TA in your class. If the TA is supporting a statemented pupil then that is where their time and efforts should go, in order to enable that pupil to access the curriculum.
    There are national standards for TA's online from the TDA or City and Guilds described in the NVQ standards which outline the range of duties which can be undertaken by TAs. These can range from supporting pupils with SEN to administering medication.
    Your TA will have a job description which should outline the duties for which he/she is employed.
  8. Oh my word, you TA's have it easy!

    I'm a TA2 in a special needs school and if you seen my job descriptions you would be horrified but i couldn't personally work in a mainstream school after working in a special needs school for 4 years!

    Even though I'm a TA2 i do pretty much the same job as a TA3 yet get paid a fair bit less.

    What's a display? What's mounting? What's laminating? Changing nappies, gastro feeding and hoisting is my daily routine! (thats with the biting, scratching, hair pulling and kicking in-between)
  9. In my experience, different schools have different ideas of the 'role of a TA'. Some see the role as assisting the teacher in whatever way that may be, others see it as purely working with the children. I find a balance of both keeps everybody happy - children get the support they need and I'm not working late every night. Some of this may dependon your TA. I have some fantastic TAs who are happy to do anything to help - and often have to be told to stop working and take a break! Talk with your Ta and other teachers to see what they find works at your school. Good luck with your NQT year.
  10. I heard(not sure how true it is) that if you had an accident (fell off steps por something similar) whilst putting up a display, as a teacher, there would be insurance issues. Is this just a staffroom myth?!
  11. This is an issue for all staff who have not recieved 'working at height' training. This is generally why you are told by SMT etc that you should not stand on tables to reach boards!
    To say it is just for teachers make me think that they dont want to put up their own displays and are finding an excuse!
    By the way, I am in no way suggesting that this health & safety malarky is correct. I am always teetering on the edge of sideboards trying to reach things!!
  12. Lol I too watch this and laugh :)
  13. We are lucky in that respect, we employ a reprographincs person who is also extremely arty, as long as we put the backing paper up. and tell her what we need, she will do the rest, even the role-play areas and we have a role-play area from Nursery to Y6, shes a godsend and we love her.
    Just as well really as there are only 4 T'A's in the entire school,(230 kids on role) so everyone is VERY busy with little or no time to do displays etc
  14. Why?
  15. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    This is something i've been having massive issues with all year. My last TA used to actively want to do resources and displays and stuff and would rather have done that than work with the kids. However i'm a firm believer that a TA is there to support you and support the children with their learning and expect that they should always be supporting when they can. My new TA does exactly this and it's exactly the way i want it. However it does mean that all the other stuff like displays has fallen by the way side. I have 4 blank displays, nothing laminated, no new resources or anything. And i'm having to find moments to do it myself after school / evenings. I don;t know what the answer is to tell you the truth.
  16. I have been a TA for 22 years and am extremely tired of the patronising comments said by student teachers and teachers. If student teachers are unable to cope with the demands of teaching, displays included, then they should do a less demanding job!
  17. Karens, would I be hitting the nail on the head by suggesting that you feel "patronised" having jobs delegated to you by somebody who is less experienced and your junior in terms of age? You are a teaching assistant, she/he is the teacher. Whilst I treat my TA as part of the team and wouldnt dream of patronising her, it is still my classroom and my responsibility. Anything I ask her to do, within reasonable demand, I expect her to do.
    Student teachers have a VERY steep learning curve - they are fully aware of the demands of teaching, but it takes time and support to be able to juggle all the balls effectively. In order to do that they need supportive and experienced TAs.
    I hope to you are not working with a student teacher with your foul attitude towards them. I had a BRILLIANT TA who was my brick during my NQT year. Shes very very experienced, and has been a TA for a similar amount of time to you, but we instantly built a good working relationship based on teamwork and respect.
    I also wouldnt be the first to point out that displays arent 'technically' a teachers role - though most of us do do them. TAs are contracted (in my school at least) to work from 8.30 to 3.45 - Thats some time before and after school to help with general classrom needs, and displays might be one of them. You're there to HELP the teacher, not slag them off because they're struggling to juggle all the balls that you are there to support with!!
  18. [​IMG] Have I just been taken in by a troll?
  19. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Isn't that something TAs are actually employed to do? I know there are different circumstances and each TA is different etc. but that is actually one of the roles a TA is meant to carry out.

    Or so I thought.
  20. how is that comment helpful?

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