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Me and My TA

Discussion in 'Primary' started by xbhappy4evax, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Why not? Surely if the INSET days fall on a day that they are timetabled to be in, they are expected to be in?
  2. This is really interesting cos in 20 years at my school it has never been suggested that TA's are in on InSET days and they never are even if it is their day so are we wrong? We have a whole school improvement planning day that they come to but they get a day off in lieu of this.
  3. I am a TA and have to attend every Inset day AND sit in/join in with all the agenda along with the teaching staff, be it APP, SIP or whatever..
  4. Depends whether they are paid for 38 or 39 weeks per year. Ours are paid 38 so do not have to attend for INSET days, though they are always invited if the training is of interest to them.
  5. Oh I see, ours are all 39 week contracts.
  6. A bit off topic now, but our TAs a come to some INSETs: phonics training, safeguarding, manual handling, etc. Basically, the topics that directly affect them or will be useful to their role.
  7. Same as us. However as Chris says, LSAs on a 38 week contract would not be expected to attend. I've not heard that before. To me, it makes sense that all LSAs attend the INSETs that apply to their roles - an quick way of ensuring you meet their CPD needs. If they are not needed in an INSET, there are always 101 things to do in the classrooms and around the school.
    Anyway, sorry for taking the thread off topic for a bit there!
  8. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Firstly - Nick and harsh-but-fair. I'm glad you are getting on with each other but you are both wrong (IMO). The usage of me in the title is fine as it stands. If the sentence was extended then it might change to an I depending on what was added.

    As for the TA thing. I am very lucky to have a great TA in my class full time. We are good friends so understand each other well. Sometimes I do laminating/photocopying/displays etc as I know they are busy. I think the reason we work so well together is because we have a good relationship. My TA will usually do the display/admin work during PE time.
    It sounds like the OP has already started to develop a good relationship with their TA and I feel this is one of the most important aspect of the job. Keep doing what you are doing. If that means some laminating every now and again then fine, just make sure there is a good balance.
  9. What about parent helpers?
  10. Eh? Do. Not. Understand. :)
  11. TA's a blessing or a curse, I reckon you should be lucky that you have TA's we dont have them in OZ so we need parent helpers, and they do get paid next to nothing, for the privilage of working with the children. TA's that work with students help a lot and are much better use in the classroom taking groups than working on laminating etc, is this not what student teachers are for HA HA!! Remember that the best learning by pupils is 1 to 1 with teacher and then upwards so if TA is helping the slow learners say group 5 they are getting good instruction while you are taking the rest of the class. The perfect class size from my research is 15 students to 1 teacher over here its double that at 30-1. So if you have 15 to 1 you are very lucky, (this is with a no special needs class another ideal) we only dream about over here.
    I reckon that as a NQT it does not hurt to ask advice of your TA, give them groups in the morning, recess and after lunch let them take individuals or reading groups that might need catching up while you are working with the rest, remember students in lower groups should not be given to a TA any more than you would rather teach them yourself. I think a third of the day, also in the afternoon its a good idea to see if they would like to put up a topic and dont forget to give them an outline of what you are doing for the week.
    While teaching last year I had two really nice TA's who helped out a lot and one liked to help individuals while the other liked working with groups.
    Remember to stay professional and not get too chummy to early, as you are starting out too.
    Enjoy the chance to use the resource,


  12. I'm a TA and the number of INSET days I attend are set by the number of hours I work, so, up to 7 hrs = 1 day, 7-14 = 2 days, 14-21 = 3 days, 21-28 = 4 days.
    This makes everything clear and INSET days are arranged with this in mind, so all get the training/admin days they need. If anyone is required to attend more training days they get paid for it.
  13. psychosian

    psychosian New commenter

    Clearly I'm going wrong somewhere... I often use my TA for mounting, laminating etc. I haven't a hope of getting it all done myself. I use her during lesson time for groups, but during input she will often sit and listen to the input, while doing the mounting or laminating or whatever. I have a 'to do' tray too, and she sometimes does things from it, although I appear to end up doing most of them.
    I know the union stance is that teachers don't do those kinds of things, but if the TAs aren't meant to be doing them either, I wonder who is meant to?!!
    I'd love a parent helper who was capable enough to come in and do things like that, but on the other hand, I'd rather have people working with the children, which clearly still leaves the problem of who is going to do it?!?!
    Maybe we should all just leave the walls bare, or paint a picture and not bother with displays?!! Or do like one school I visited did - don't mount anything. Every display looked like a 'working wall' - it was all drawing pinned up with nothing mounted. We went away thinking how awful the classroom looked though!!
  14. I'm a TA in a Secondary school and appreciate that the Teacher/TA relaitonships at Primary may be different. However, I see my first duty in the classroom as being to facilitate the learning for the Statemented child. If they are working well, then have time to move around the class and help other pupils - myself and the Teacher agreeing where the need is.
    I'm not the Teacher's PA, I'm the child's TA. Anything extra depends upon my relationship with the Teacher. As mentioned earlier, some Teachers would take the mick, sit back, look at their laptops and let the TA do it all. Then there are others who really appreciate what I do.
    So, my adice would be to build up a good working relationship with the TA and you'll not go wrong.
    Good luck!
  15. All teaching assistants have clean job profiles as laid down by the WAG/ Workload Agreement - if you dont have a copy to see what a Level 1 / 2/ 3/ 4 TA can do, perhaps you can get a copy and place in the staffroom notice board so all staff are clear about the role. Each TA level has an increase in responsibility.
    As for the attractive classroom - learning should be fully interactive and that included stimulating displays that draw childrens interest, espically in the Foundation Phase / Stage.
  16. psychosian

    psychosian New commenter

    Yes, evidently very! There are two types of TA - general and attatched to a pupil.
  17. I am also an NQT and benefitted hugely from doing the GTP in my school. It helped to see hwo different teachers do see Ta's roles. Personally I wouldnt ask my TA to do anything i am not willing to. I do most of the photocopying and laminating etc because I do nedd my TA's to support teaching, observing and groups during the day. they dont start till the kids arrive, so Invariably I will have stuff already done because I need it ready. My Ta's do occasionally stay a littel longer to support or even offer to take cutting out/laminating home with them sometimes...though generally I say no as that is not their job! I think because we communicate well and I ensure we share our work load and burdons, we have a good relationship. I can certaily relate to the long hours photocopting, laminating and displying though. I spent last half of my course getting to school at 7 amd leaving at 6 when kicked out and I have thus far repeated that pattern...I think it's just what we have to do if we want it done.It will get easier as we get used to tasks and have materials already created. Good Luck!

  18. Just a few pointers: There are good reasons why the unions reccommend teachers don't do displays etc. One is that it is NOT good use of a teacher's time and I for one didn't complete all my training to spend huge amounts of my time laminating and doing display! The unions fought for our pay and working conditons - the least we can do is honour this. My union do an awful lot to support TAs - and they need it. I know they have a lot to do, but it is part of the job and benefits all the children. If you have a good Teacher TA relationship then shouldn't be a problem. My school pays TAs to stay till 4pm so they can get these jobs done, but the staff have had to fight to get the management to recognise there is a need for this. If teachers keep on undermining union agreements then WHAT IS THE POINT! Sorry this is a bit of a rant - but our unions support us and we need to support them!
  19. I have a laugh when I read about how to deal with a TA. I have been a TA for 17 years and have a great relationship with many of the teachers in the school in which I work. The teachers I work with this year are the same as last year and the main one I have worked with off and on for many years and we have a good and fun relationship. When I go into class in the morning to see her she gives me a list of jobs to do and an apology for asking so much. I have always had a box with my name on it and "Jobs to do" on it. Any photocopying/laminating/displays all go in this box and when I get time I work my way through the jobs. I think the line between the jobs we are supposed to do and the jobs we are required to do is very blurred and with interventions and classwork the time we have is very limited....but with a lot of goodwill and sneaking out of lessons while your group of children are working hard...and most of them eventually get done. Having said that I still have in my box maths work for a display from last year which I never got around to doing.

    Also my teachers say far from wanting to put up displays themselves are only too happy for me to do it - they say I'm much better than they are....see flattery works every time!!! The main thing is to talk to her ask her how she wants to work it, and if she has any ideas. She may surprise you!!!
  20. taj


    We always have to go into school on INSET days too. Usually we end up doing really boring stuff like sticking on labels.

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