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ME Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Dewyjersey, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Dewyjersey

    Dewyjersey New commenter


    After browsing the forum I need advice and questions answering, shock horror!

    My wife and I are both 33 years old, both teachers with a 21 month old son. She is a reception teacher and I am a sports lecturer at a local college. I taught in Secondary schools doing a number of different subjects for around 7 years before my wife and I decided to jet off around the world.

    My wife and I live in Jersey where we both have good jobs, we have both taught in England previously. The wage structure in Jersey is very different to England, an NQT can expect an annual wage of 40k with an increase each year until it caps at 50k without taking on responsibility.

    While the wage is good, it is offset by the cost of living, which is very high. A few examples of the cost of living being a loaf of bread costs around £2, full time child care £1400 a month, 3 bed house mortgage £1850. Our wage between us after tax has us taking home around 6K after bills we have around £1.5K to play with. This sounds a good amount however due to the general cost of living this goes pretty quickly!

    Sorry for rabbiting on I needed to set the scene and give some facts.

    So............with both my wife and I being teachers and the fact we both love to travel and see the world we are looking at doing some time abroad. I am sure like most people we are keen to work and save as much as possible. The idea is to work for 5/6 years, save enough to put deposits down on a number of flats, that way our pensions will be supplemented once we retire! That is in an ideal situation. Is this possible as a teacher anywhere in the world?


    1. With the fact my wife and I take home a good wage each month, would there be schools in the ME or China who could match that wage plus provide all the benefits I am reading about ie Housing, flights, school fees.

    2. Is there a list of specific schools you would want to avoid?

    3. Am I missing anything?
  2. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Im going to presume that you mean 50k gross not NET. this 50k turns into £36 780 after tax...there are a huge amount of schools that will pay you this, plus a lot more, it is possible to earn £70 000 + a year take home as a classroom teacher. The biggest saving you will make is not paying for accomodation. Avoid Western Europe, and in particular Southern Western Europe if money is you main motivator. Their complete lack of benefits provided, plus high cost of living will always discount these countries.

    You want to look at the actual cost of living balanced against your outgoings and incoming salary. Some places like Singapore will have amazing salaries on paper, plus all the usual benefits, but due to the high cost of living the salary doesnt go far.

    I have worked on 3 continents and i have never earnt as little as £36 780.

    Teaching couples i know have easily saved one salary each year, plus lived very nicely on the other salary.

    Good luck
  3. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Hello, Dewyjersey! I have sent you one of those TES Conversation things.
  4. Dewyjersey

    Dewyjersey New commenter

    Thank you, the hippo. I have sent you an e mail.
  5. Dewyjersey

    Dewyjersey New commenter

    Thank you for your reply dumbbells.

    Do you mind if I ask where you have worked?

    Do you mean £70K between both salaries or individually?

    Thank you.
  6. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter


    i have worked in Europe, Asia and Africa.
  7. Dewyjersey

    Dewyjersey New commenter

    Thank you again for your swift response.

    Last questions I promise.......

    Which companies did you go through to get these jobs?

    What is a typical day like in an international school?

  8. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    got my first on through TES. got my second one through Search, then i have got my next 2 via networking and friends around the world (very common once you have been on the circuit for a while).

    its a HELL of a lot easier than teaching in the UK.

    we have to be in school by 7:30, we have a 4 period day, as a minimum i will have at least one period off to plan and grade etc per day. school finished at 3. i have to do 2 after school activities per year, which will take one afternoon a week for 8 weeks from 3 to 4 2 out of the 3 trimesters). we have our meeting day on tuesday from 3 till 4. we do have to stay in school until 4 everyday, but that isnt a big problem. you also have to consider that i only teach 176 days a year, compare that to the UK who teach 195. we do have 4 "professional development days" throughout the year to take us up to 180 working days. all of this is very normal of my experiences of international schools....except Spain, that was VERY VERY VERY different....and not in a good way
  9. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Argh! it is not in my Inbox or in the junk folder. Did you get my e-mail address correct, Dewyjersey?

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