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McCrone cover in short working weeks

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by trolley1, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. trolley1

    trolley1 New commenter

    Can anyone tell us or direct us to an official document 're above. Management tell us we don't need non contact time if shorter week for a holiday, in service etc. Can't find anything other than Aberdeen Eis notes to say what union or council position is - we're in Falkirk.

  2. Its my undertanding this is correct, the McCrone agreement states no more 22 and a half hours contact time in a week, (not 2 and a half hours non contact time) so in a week where an inservice falls, you don't have an mcrone time entitlement. Mnay peopel still get it, if there is cover from specialiest etc, but this is over and above their entitlement
  3. Katie_Morag

    Katie_Morag New commenter

    Hi, that is my understanding too. I wonder if you can tell me - if in any given week a teacher receives 'too much' mccrone time (e.g. School closed to pupils for snow, only teaching half days in first few weeks of P1) can that extra time be 'banked' and then teachers denied their mccrone time in another week - e.g. Due to an absent specialist teacher?
  4. Again my understanding is, that time cannot be banked, you should receive it , in the week you are entitled to it. However as a one off I wouldn't complain, a gesture of goodwill and all that

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