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McCormack review

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by heldon, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. heldon

    heldon Occasional commenter

    why is there no teacher on this review group
  2. heldon

    heldon Occasional commenter

    why is there no teacher on this review group
  3. GuessWho

    GuessWho Occasional commenter

    Because we spend our time preparing lessons and teaching classes (and all the other things related to our job).....what would we know about education?
  4. davieee

    davieee Occasional commenter

    I'm pretty sure that Mike Russell would argue (not saying I would) that the HT and the EIS Union representative constitutes "teacher" involvement.
  5. sbf

    sbf New commenter

    Is it not former EIS Union person?
    Glad to see a journalist and a solicitor on the panel, they must have such a wealth of experience in education.[​IMG]

  6. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    Sue Bruce
    She spent the first thirteen years of her career engaged in social and
    economic regeneration and partnership working, starting with the first
    integrated education and social work pilot in Strathclyde Region in
    1976, and later went into general education management.

    Integrated education / social work = a disaster for education. Be afraid ...
    Graham Donaldson - former chief inspector, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education.
    The grand inquisitor. Last seen teaching in a classroom ... ? Be afraid ...
    Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh
    A Tory lawyer. Last in a classroom as a pupil desperate to be a lawyer. Be afarid ...
    Isabelle Boyd
    Seems to think that CfE can be delivered nae probs if only people would stop whinging.
    Be afraid ...
    Moira McCrossan
    Former EIS President. A decade ago. A further education lecturer I think but may be corrected anon. Last seen teaching in a classroom ...? Mostly harmless but she'll be outnumbered.
    Alf Young
    Journalist and economist. I could not find a single article with an education theme. He may be the wild card actually. As an economist he's bound to acknowledge the importance of education to the economy.
    Prof Gerry McCormac
    An academic with "a significant record in space physics" apparently. "There's Klingons on the starboard bow ..." Couldn't be that record could it? His wife is a Chartered Physiotherapist. Ironic as his report wwill be used to justify axing Chartered Teacher.
    Regardless of the report these people actually produce, whoever wins the May election will simply cherry pick what they want from it and dump the rest.
  7. davieee

    davieee Occasional commenter

    With regard to Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh, I read somewhere that she ditched the Tories to join the SNP and as such would be sympathetic (at least) to Mike Russell.
  8. The report doesn't sound good for the profession generally- but as a CT who does a lot for my region, I feel downright angry.

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