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Maybe it's just me-fashion

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by hhhh, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    I know now that lots of mums spend a fortune on fashionable clothes for little ones, ok, if you earn money and want tospend it on a designer bib that's your right, but have we gone too far-in a baby hop today I saw a breastpump advertised as 'fashionable'! Is it me or have we gone too far?! I can just see the catwalk show...
  2. LOL, not sure how a pump can really qualify, but I'm cheap and get all baby clothes second hand or in the sale so may not be fashionable to ask.
    I'll ask my NCT crew whose babies are regularly seen in Baby Gap and Baby Joules. Mind you, they don't breastfeed so won't need the fashionable pump!
  3. Ha! It wasn't a Medela one was it? It was no comfort to me as I sat through the night expressing on a double pump that it was fashionable. It did all fit into a rucksack though, presumably incase you wanted to wander round the community being milked in all manner of hilarious (but fashionable) situations. Happy memories. [​IMG]
  4. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    I can't comment on the breast pump as unfortunately we didn't get very far with breastfeeding... but there are baby clothes snobs around. Some mums at my daughter's nursery send them in in designer clothes and then kick off because they're ruined. The prospectus rightly states 'dress for mess' so I send my LO in wearing hand-me-downs or cheap clothes, so if they do get stained by food/ paint/ grass stains it's ok. I only buy M&S, Tescos/ Sainsburys or nearlynew from ebay for her myself, but her grandparents like to splash out on Jojo Maman Bebe, Babygap, Next, Kenzo, Emile et Rose etc and that's fine, I don't tell them if something gets ruined within 5 mins of wearing but it sometimes happens! The only thing I don't like is one-upmanship about brands, eg there's a clique of mums at a baby group I go to that are always comparing what their LO has, like a Bugaboo pram, Sophie la griaffe teething toy, clothes, toys, what thney're buying for Christmas presents... nothing wrong with buying any of this stuff but when people go on about it, it's a bit boring.
  5. Yes- baby clothes snobs irritate me. I can not afford to dress my baby entirely in Baby Gap and generally get a lot of stuff from NCT sales... Like you said, some people like expensive clothes but it is rather dull and certainly doesn't make me think any more of them.
    My NCT group were the worst. When Minimoo was tiny we saw the group for baby massage, I put some sleep suit on and one made a comment about 'oh my baby uses as her house clothes, I wouldn't take her out in that.' It was a cute sleep suit!
  6. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    I love sleepsuits on tiny babies, it annoys me when I see newborns in silly outfits especially jeans, so uncomfortable especially when they're lying down 90% of the time. I had a couple of 0-3 outfits but my LO didn't wear them til she was about 4 months old as she's small for her age, so up til then she was almost entirely in sleepsuits, day and night. Any proper clothes she had were soft tops and trousers but she seemed much more comfy in jammies. Nothing wrong with it at all but I've heard comments like 'isn't it time you put them in some proper clothes?' Not directed at me, but really- they are babies!

  7. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I love sleepsuits on babies too. My son wore sleepsuits pretty much all the time until he ws about 3 months. So much easier and more comfortable for them. My daughter wore outfits from a bit younger because she had so many...I think people went more mad buying stuff for her as she was a girl.
    My 2 mainly have clothes from Sainsbury's and Boots. I got my daughter some stuff from Primarni, but they don't seem to have as good a selection of boys' things.
    I don't understand why people spend a fortune on baby clothes when they grow out of them so fast. Plus they look cute in everything they wear anyway.
    As for the pump, i borrowed a Medela Swing (for all the good it did me) but there was nothing fashionable about milking myself like a cow!!
  8. The breast pump is NOT fashionable. Well the pump may be but the act of pumping most certainly is not, it's not for public consumption really (I pumped in our house, so my 11 year old and partner saw but I would never have let anyone else see me pumping).
    Baby clothes snobs make me laugh. I have a fabulous collection of designer baby clothes. My mums friend passes us all her grand-daughter's old clothes. We have drawers and drawers full of lovely clothes that can't have been worn more than a few times each. I can hardly believe that they just pass them to us rather than sell them on ebay, but they don't seem to think it's worth the effort.
  9. Oh my god moomoon- how rude of that woman! "house clothes?!" my 7 week old fits perfectly into 0-3 (Wong last long, and he's already in some 3-6... Sniff!) he's in sleepsuits too mist of the time as he won't get much use out of them if not! He too has joggers and tops from m and s, some dungarees too which look gorgeous but are such a faff to get on and off. Like you say, they need changing so often! I also can't stand it when tops ride up when you pick them up/ they are lying down / in the sling. So much nicer and more comfy to wear a sleepsuit!
  10. Oh and pretty much all of the clothes I buy come from sainsburys or asda!
  11. i remember turning up for baby massage when lo was about three months and figured he'd be getting naked so sleepsuits were the best option. Loads had their kids in little fancy outfits and I was well chuffed to be picked as a good example of being practical as the teacher told them all to not faff with outfits next week and just plonk them in a sleepsuit next time.
    I love when supermarkets have 25% off 9sainsuburys) or the brilliant half price sale in tesco.
  12. I am a bargain shopper for myself so i am certainly not going tpo spend a fortune on expensive stuff for GG.

    And I LOVE sleepsuits on little babies. So cute. I really do hate it when you have little babies dressed up in fussy stuff. I was sad when GG grew out of sleep suits for night time!! To be honest I have a wacky sense of style and my only thing is more bright the colour the better. I hate dressing GG in black or grey - it seems wrong.
  13. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    These mothers with their 'in' pushchairs-do they have time to bother with baby number 2? Or do they have nannies so they can focus on thefashion? Mind you, last time I read a magazine it seems you no longer just need to have the cool handbag, there are now correct and incorrect ways to carry it.. no mention of breastpump fashion in Look though...
  14. Hmmm I also have an iCandy and am currently pregnant with baby no. 2 so am I one of 'those' mothers?!? We also chose our pushchair, like clematis with the intention of having baby number 2 fairly quickly after baby number 1 as it converts from a single to a double, thereby saving money/saving buying another one later on. Oh and it happens to be a fantastic thing, really sturdy, easy to fold to fit into the boot of a small car and great for 'off-roading' (we live fairly rural). I feel a certain amount of inverted snobbery going down on this thread. I wish women could just support other women instead of always looking out for ways to slate them. Sigh.
  15. Hee hee i just re-read your post clematis....very droll :)
  16. I agree. My toddler gives his clothes such a battering on a minute by minute basis that the supermarkets just don't live up quality-wise. I tend to go for M+S and John Lewis as they wash and last really well - they also usually have lovely bright colours, which I love.
  17. I don't think it is the things people have that bother me, it is just the occasional person who choses to compete over it. (and actually,Baby one-upmanship is dull, I am not bothered if people buy pricey clothes or cheap ones- just the people who choose to name drop in every conversation- but I have found these people fairly easy to avoid as most people aren't like that.
    So, HHH I do feel you were being a little harsh with your nanny/pushchair comment.

    I don't really know what classes as an 'in' pushchair though.
  18. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    No, a pushchair snob is a person who looks down on people who have the 'wrong' buggy-see above post. Not just someone who has one-am assuming you don't do this-see the 'Sophie' post...
  19. I'm not sure how to quote other posts but I do think buying Ralph Lauren for a toddler is ever so slightly bonkers! Surely toddler clothes don't need to be great quality because if toddlers are being toddlers then they should be climbing/crawling/walking and falling over, painting, playing with messy things, making a mess trying to feed themselves etc so the clothes will just get ruined anyway?!
    Maybe I'm missing a trick, but my LO is in pretty much all supermarket or second hand stuff. Nursery request clothes that are allowed to get dirty! However, she does always look nice and she does have some lovey outfits from Next and some stuff I got from Boden in the sale. To be honest I was so obsessed with saving it for best that she only wore them a few times before I realised they were too small.
    I wouldn't buy myself clothes from nice shops to teach in for the same reason - I would ruin them with board pen and you can look totally smart and presentable by dressing from supermarkets. It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it and what you put it with!
  20. He is doing all those things - that's why his clothes are absolutely filthy. I've just found that after a couple of washes the things that I've had from supermarkets have started to fade and look a bit tatty - I would rather buy things that I can wash and wash and wash and they keep their quality. I'm not knocking supermarket clothes at all, they just don't live up to the battering that my LO gives them.

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