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Maybe failing an nqt term, advice needed

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by blue80, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. A week before the term is due to end, i was informed by my induction tutor that they are not sure whether to pass me for this term. Due to comments that I could have stretched the children more in observations. Also an lea advisor looked in one book and said that they did not see enough progress. I have worked with an lea advisor and observed experienced teachers and my results show that children are progressing well. The school are now finding out if the proof that i have, that show my children are progressing, is enough to pass me. I have researched that if there are issues, which are remedied this can count as a pass. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. A week before the term is due to end, i was informed by my induction tutor that they are not sure whether to pass me for this term. Due to comments that I could have stretched the children more in observations. Also an lea advisor looked in one book and said that they did not see enough progress. I have worked with an lea advisor and observed experienced teachers and my results show that children are progressing well. The school are now finding out if the proof that i have, that show my children are progressing, is enough to pass me. I have researched that if there are issues, which are remedied this can count as a pass. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Did they say which standards you may not achieve? I wouldnt worry if I were you. I know its a horrible situation to be in. I failed to meet the required progression toward the standards in my first term, with a lot of hard work things have picked up now and I have manages to pull things together. To be honest- it wasnt the end of the world. I was failing to meet deadlines, assess regularly, my planning was not clear nor differentiated enough and I was not seen to be a team player (when I find things difficult I tend to become very withdrawn and unsociable). So things were pretty dire for me, the school were fantastic and did everything they could to help me- from coming and teaching in my class so I could observe to inviting LEA advisors to come in and talk to me about my problems.

    I'm not on here to whine, what I mean to say is that things were really dire for me. I really thought that was going to be it for my career but it was only a setback. You can get through this if you really want to, it'll take some hard work but if you are open and upfront and ask people for help they will generally all go out of their way and things WILL get better.
  4. Thankyou much appreciated, i'm not really sure the exact standards i might fail. I have also said to them if i was that much of a concern, surely i would have been monitored or had extra observations. Which i haven't. Thankyou for your reply.
  5. i would have thought they should have mentioned this earlier if they were thinking of failing you more likely they want you to know that this is a concern and next term you really need to focus on this.
  6. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    You can't 'fail' a term anyway! It's the last term and report that it the crucial one for deciding whether you have passed or failed your NQT year. You could have had poor reports in terms 1 & 2, but as long as the 3rd term is fine there isn't a problem!

    Have they been reminded that it's the NQT standards they are assessing you against not OFSTED ones?
  7. I was told that I have 'failed this term'. This is my first term in a new school.
    It is a horrible situation and I have been criticised for saying that I expected to fail, given the recent feedback I have had from various staff members. I am wondering if I want to continue as a teacher, being told I am a failure. I went through an Ofsted inspection on my GTP and was graded outstanding, but now, less than a year later, I have 'failed'.
    I love my job and know, deep down, that I am a good teacher. Unfortunately, being given destructive negative feedback frequently is not helping me to keep believing in myself.
    I really don't know what to do - I want to speak to the union, but have been warned against it for fear of 'rubbing people up the wrong way'. It can't get much worse, can it?

  8. If you're going to fail a term they have to give you an early enough warning to give you a chance to improve. This is not early enough. Your LEA should demand that you pass because of this. Also, you can fail the first two terms and still pass the third one - that's the one that matters.
  9. It always amazes me that teachers observing theior fellow workers cannot seem to put into practice the very things we should do with children - which is constructive criticism. If all you ever did was tell children the negatives then the school management would criticise you and say that you were not a good teacher, yet when they do it to teachers is is somehow acceptable. Well it isn't.
    You can speak to your union in confidence and state that you have been told not to contact them. You are entitled to independent advice, that is what your union offers. I know that the current government is intent on destroying unions in schools and while I do not always agree with all union positions, they do offer an invaluable service to teachers - as an independent supportive friend. If that role disappears thensome heads (not all - many heads are very supportive of staff) will see it as a bullies charter to just get rid of those people they have taken against or who do not agree with them.
    You have not failed your first term, it is not possible to fail a term as the first and second terms are not pass or fail only the final term is assessed as pass or fail. Your school should have informed you as soon as possible that ypou
    are not making sufficient progress and as well as extra observations and
    targets they should also have put in place extra help and support and,
    if necessary, training, as well as bringing in the local authority NQT
    adviser to help review your progress and targets.
    If the targets
    have been set, there should also be success criterai for the targets so
    that you and the school know if you have or have not met them.
    you complete the full term then that is one term of induction completed.

  10. Just wanted to shed a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.
    I was told I wasn't meeting the standards in my first NQT term but went on to pass the next two so it is perfectly possible. It is a horrible feeling when they tell you in Autumn when you are just trying your best to juggle everything. I found my union rep very helpful so I would explore this option. Just wanted to say Good luck and that I know where you're coming from.
  11. I have been told in no uncertain terms now that I have 'failed' the term. I challenged them on this as I know I cannot fail until the third term.

    I went straight to the union. At the moment I remain in the school, but I am more than tempted to return to my previous industry and jack it in all together. Not a day goes by when I manage not to get something 'wrong' or omit to do something.

  12. I am trying very hard to take on and continue to seek advice, but it feels more that they are waiting for me to mess up again...

    It is very demoralising. I have had a huge list of things I need to improve, but it's for 'next term' rather than now?? So have I been written off for this term?

    I had to seriously bite my lip when asked to comment on my assessment this term.

  13. guadinini, I have also just been told (today!) that my school is not going to pass me this term (my first as an NQT). I too feel completely demoralised and am wondering why they have waited until the week before we break up to tell me?! :-(
  14. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    Realistically, they would only be able to tell you that when the paperwork is ready to be sent for the 1st assessment - it would equally be unfair to tell you too far ahead of the deadline.
    But on the other hand, the feedback from lesson observations and meetings should have given some level of indication that things weren't going as well as they should, and at least put a few targets in place to guide you.
  15. The statutory guidance is quite clear that schools should inform a NQT as soonj as possible if there are issues that mean they are not making satisfactory progress. No NQT passes or fails in term one and two your progress is assessed against the standards.
    As soon as a problem is identified and this may come from a class observation or a NQTs general work, then the school must inform the NQT, they must then put in place extra support and, if necessary training to enable the NQT to meet the standards. Simply giving a list of things to be 'fixed' is not on. The school should also have informed the LA and, if appropriate asked for their help.
    Once the term is completed it is completed and you have two more terms to complete.
    I suggest that over the next few weeks you take the time to read the statutory guidance - this means that schools have a LEGAL obligations to provide certain things and you have the same obligation to engage with the process and meet the standards.
    The full guidance can be found here:

  16. So .... I've not been told pass or fail but last week I was pulled up for lack of marking.
    Today I had a meeting with the NQT chap and I have a list of 4 things starting FAILURE TO.
    After breaking down in tears and saying I didn't want to get anyone in trouble and off the record I said truthfully that I've had no mentor meetings. My planner has been checked but no comments, 1st set of marking moderated no comments and now hell. The HoF also said she has had her concerns for a while. But no-one said anything.
    I was taken on for a 1 term contract. The week before half term I was told it would be readvertised "they had to" and that I should apply. The week after half term I had a new job elsewhere as I couldn't afford to potentially be without a job in Jan.
    I'm now really worried about what will be said to the new place as my report wasn't filed with the LEA last week and I assume is yet to be filed.
    I don't want trouble, I know I messed up but I also think I should have got more support and if they had worries then they should have said something. I foolishly thought nothing had been said or asked so I must be OK.
    Any advice about what to do now and at the next place?

  17. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    I would call that unacceptable on their part. Make sure you have contacted your union and stay in contact with the LA about this - if meetings haven't been put in place then the school has not fulfilled their duties to you, and you were right to tell the LA person about this (even if it's hard to do!). Should you not complete the next two assessments satisfactorily, an appeal by you would might not be unreasonable (The school not having upheld its responsibilities).
    Note down everything that happens, and read the assessment form carefully - how positive/negative is it? Get a neutral party (even a non-teacher) to read it; mine, for example, were written so positively that my new HoD and Induction tutor both found it absurd that I hadn't met the grade in both instances. In your section of the induction assessment, ensure you flag your concerns to cover yourself.
    The damage may not be as bad as you think, but just remember to always badger people for what they are supposed to give you. NQTs need to be selfish - if you're not asking "What about me?" a lot, you need to!
  18. Thanks
    I'm feeling increasingly hopeless and usless and really am starting to wonder if things have been said that have just by passed my head.
    I know next time I will be asking a million questions.
    I'm still waiting for some news as the NQT chap is only part time so I've not heard anything for a few days.
    Given I need to hand back my laptop on Thursday (school closes next Tuesday) and hand over a report of everything my kids have done and all SEN data etc by Friday I am assuming something will be said this week.

  19. Don't panic. It's a GREAT thing that they are getting this in early! I was told that I was good-to-outstanding with no problems at all in the first term, and then suddenly at February half term I was told that I was doing everything wrong (I exaggerate not) and that I was probably going to have to look for a new career! I did everything I was asked to do and still got marked as not-progressing in that term, then got told again that I should look for another career.

    Knowing in the first time is excellent because now you're prepared to have the documentation ready, to prove your case, and to continue to improve.

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