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May not get my induction! Advice please.

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by plumkins23, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. I applied for a 'Teacher of Learning Support' post and got it. I finished my PGCE a few years ago but never got the all elusive job and did supply for about a total of under a year considering how sporadic the work was. As a result I haven't had my induction period yet and don't have QTS.
    Well, despite filling in the application form honestly, it seems to have slipped through the net that I dont have QTS. my HOD to be has contacted me telling me this may pose a problem- not with me actually having a job to go to come sept, but just that the school may not want to support me in getting QTS due to a number of reasons such as not knowing I didn't have QTS (possibly wouldnt have got the post if they knew this) and the nature of my role which despite being a teaching role in name, I will actually be supporting kids in the classroom and possibly not teaching at all. In essence she is saying that due to them being under the impression that I had QTS they may not coope and give me a couple of hours of subject teaching time in order to complete induction.
    Is there any time frame that NQT's need to gt QTS? Also does anyone have any advice regarding my issue above?

  2. Hi all, thanks for the responses. My situation is slightly different as I have a Post-Compulsory PGCE, so not quite sure where I stand. I know that if I were to work in a college I would have to go through a similar induction period as an NQT through the IFL.
    As far as being employed in a school now I assumed I would have to go through an induction period with the GTC? My issue is because nobody at the job new I haven't had induction my job description will be providing 'support' rather than leading classes therefore how woud they observe me just supporting in a class?
    The HOD insinuated that I may not get any regular lessons that I'm figuring (now) that I will need in order to complete the process of induction.

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