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Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by tigercub, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Hello everybody,
    I have a 5min presentation next week, about: ?Please teacher why should I do Maths?
    Does anyone have any idea how to present this question?
    Should I mention any topic in particular and what to say to persuade youngster to study Maths?
    Take care and thank you for your help
  2. carriecat10

    carriecat10 Occasional commenter Community helper

    Maybe consider sharing examples of using maths in everyday life. You could focus on maths for kids and then move onto maths skills needed to pursure particular careers.
    They need to see the point of it.
    Carrie [​IMG]
  3. Is this aimed at a particular age group ... I assume that it is an interview
  4. Yes it is, I have an interview next week and the children group are between 11 to 16years old (KS3and KS4).
    Thank you for your help and have a nice weekend
  5. The worrying thing is that YOU don't seem to know, yet you want to be teaching the subject...

    cyolba, sighing and grumbling :)
  6. Is this a PGCE or GTP interview? If so, then as others have suggested, is this not the question that has driven much of your application process so far? Is this not the one question in the world that should be the easiest one to answer?
    How about these:
    1. For some kids, maths will be needed for their future career choice (think STEM).
    2. For others, they aren't ever going to be numerical whizzs but will need to know basic numeracy skills to survive adulthood.
    3. Look at the NC. One of the attainment targets is not about specific mathematical content, but about skills and processes that can be applied in so many other areas. Problem solving. Forming and testing a model. Critical thinking. Evaluating.
    And that's ignoring the very alturistic reason of learning maths for the sake of learning maths: for a beautiful subject that many people can get a great deal of satisfaction from. It's a lovely reason for wanting to teach maths but one I find hardest of all to translate into a language/lesson that the average 14 year old boy last period on a Friday afternoon will be interested it!

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