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Maths Week Ideas Please

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lost_in_Space, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. We are doing a whole school maths week and I am in desperate need of some ideas.

    Any help would be great.

    I am looking for something for a mixed class across a whole phase to do together - (1 hour session?)

    Many thanks fo ryour help.
  2. We are doing a whole school maths week and I am in desperate need of some ideas.

    Any help would be great.

    I am looking for something for a mixed class across a whole phase to do together - (1 hour session?)

    Many thanks fo ryour help.
  3. I went to a maths conference recently where one of the sessions was on Maths Workshops, so here are some ideas from there. Some you need to buy things for but nothing was too dear!

    Cipher challenges=www.cipher.maths.soton.ac.uk. different types of coding messages

    healthy lunchbox challenge, design, cost. make a healthy lunchbox, involves percentages, measures, shapes (it all had to fit into a given size box) etc

    car parks-design a car park for a new cinema complex, working to scale

    Liverpool Roadshow-about £25 for a CD of puzzles from KS2-5 from www.maths.liv.ac.uk

    24 Game £20 per box Education Interactive

    Nets-building different nets ( some outdoor ones were shown using tree branches!)

    or have a look at the www.nrich.maths.org site for work on problem solving

    Hope this gives you some ideas!
  4. lovely

    lovely Occasional commenter


    I organsied my first maths week last year. I can email you the stuff if you want....

    whats your email>?
  5. I know i didnt start this topic but need to plan some sort of exciting maths please may i have a copy of you maths week plans my email is


    thanks in advance
  6. cranberryjuice

    cranberryjuice New commenter

    When we did a maths day I did an activity I found somewhere on here using spaghetti and jelly babies to construct tetrahedran based structures - did it with reception to year 6 - the children loved, good examples of team work too!

    Beatle drives are always popular too - perhaps a snowman drive for this time of year!
  7. lovely

    lovely Occasional commenter

    Hi there

    I will send the stuff later today..its on a different memory stick!!

  8. In our maths week each class went out on a trip, my year 4 class went to B and Q, halfords and currys to carry out some investigations. The children had a budget to spend on a new kitchen, equipment for our new allotment and an ICT work station for the library. Other classes went to the post office,a farm, mining museum etc. The children loved it-one said it was the best trip ever !?!
  9. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    When I did maths week in middle school (years 5-8) I took classes to Woburn Safari Park. And no they did NOT just count animals! I gave them a booklet with questions such as 'Can penguins can swim faster than humans?' or 'True or false: The longer the animal's tail the greater its land speed?'. The children loved it as there were about 10 questions (one at the top of each page) and they were allowed off in small groups by themselves to find and prove the answer at least 5. Obviously there was lots of time to enjoy the park as well.
    Children came in to school on one day with numbers written somewhere on their clothing. Obviously there was lots of sports tops, but many children had created items to wear showing numbers.
    All children did some cooking at some point. The DT co-ord was fab and let her room (think secondary school Food tech room) be used by all and sundry. The children were asked to bring various full packets andwere then put into groups where they had to weigh out what they needed and follow the recipe as a team.
    Someone came in with long sticks and elastic bands to do a construction workshop with a maths focus. I can't remeber the company name now, but it was excellent. (However the idea further up this page using spagetti and jelly babies would have been cheaper and more evil, I assume you stab the jelly babies?)
    Paul Godding ( http://www.paulgodding.com/mathsgames&puzzleday.html ) came ina nd ran a games and puzzles time with various classes. He also stayed for the evening and ran a session for 'parent and child' which was very well attended. Parents had the opportunity to buy many fo the games from him, which was pleasing and ticked lots of boxes.
  10. lovely

    lovely Occasional commenter

    Information emailed to those who wanted it. I'll upload onto resources as well on this site

  11. Hi lovely, any chance of a copy also. I am really focusing on maths at the moment and getting all children to enjoy it no matter how able they are. Thanks

    Thanks also to all of the great ideas everyone has added.
  12. Hi, I realise that this thread is from a while ago but is there any chance that you could e-mail me your ideas. Thanks so much.
  13. I am organising maths week for the first time. Can you email me some of your ideas please?
  14. Thanks
  15. lovemonkey

    lovemonkey New commenter

    Hi there,
    I know that this post is quite old but I am organising a maths week in June. I wondered if you would mind emailing your plans as I do not know where to begin. It would be great to see how someone else has planned one.
  16. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Read post 9, click on the poster's name, follow the link to the plans which she has already uploaded to this site.
  17. ctonner

    ctonner New commenter

  18. krisgreg30

    krisgreg30 Occasional commenter

  19. indigo987

    indigo987 New commenter

  20. porker

    porker New commenter

    You could start with this video in a whole school assembly:

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