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Maths week - Dragons' Den (Industry) - Any ideas/advice?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ChrisTuff, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. We did something similar for Enterprise Week, but no way will you be able to do it from Y1 to Y7.
    Upper KS2 and Yr7 possibly. My classes were offered a max of £50 to make their class a better place and had to pitch to me at the end of the week. They had to convince me or no cash. Yr5/6 got their £50, Yrs 2/3/4 didn't.
    Excellent resource for this is 'Be The Boss' from Speakeasy, but very expensive. If you are in Cambridgeshire/Peterborough we have an enterprise conference on Feb 5th and there is a presentation on 'Be The Boss'. Contact me for further details. If not, go to Enterprise Village Website for good ideas and to find your local enterprise learning partnership.
  2. I'm thinking of doing the same thing for year 6 this year. I'm a NQT so any help would be very much appreciated. Did you manage to do it and can you give me any hints on resources?

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