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Maths vacancies for older teachers-update

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by GoldMaths, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. LiamD

    LiamD Occasional commenter

    Any kind of performance management would be a good start. [​IMG]
    Every year, as PM reviews loom on the horizon I review my own performance, devise a list of things I need to improve and what training would best suit. Invariably, come Inset time, the whole teaching staff are sat in the hall and told how best to manage behaviour (by making lessons interesting) or mark books(again).
    Can't help thinking it's a real waste of my training entitlement. For sure, I'm not the only one at my school who feels this way.
  2. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    Baker days are (and always were) a way of providing CPD on the cheat.
    In 13 years I cant count on one hand the number of hours (and i mean hours as i have never found a whole day any good) that were any good.
    They should be scrapped as the SMT that lead the majority of them are rubbish and you just sit in a hall fall of 100 other equally bored treachers trying not to fall asleep listening to SMT tell you how you should make you lessons wonderful and exciting while they themselves drone on for hours with a few dreadfull powerpoints in the background.
    If your lucky you might get an hour as a department tagged on the end when (if your not to brain dead or sleepy) you might actually be able to do something useful
  3. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    I meant cheap not cheat!
  4. Agree and from experience, if done at the sart of the term, wind teachers up when they come bac positive about the new year. We have one in June I believe and even the time in the departmental areas is being led by SLT on how data can be used..
    I only attend for the comedy value of the 'close to retirement teachers' say "Bo11o**" under/over their breath throughout the boring lectures

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