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Maths Tutoring KS2 Advice please

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by enrg34, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. enrg34

    enrg34 New commenter

    I am a supply teacher and I'm looking into maths tutoring KS2. I have a few questions though which I hope someone might be able to advise me on.

    When tutoring do you follow a specific scheme/book, structured resources workbooks?

    If so, as time is limited do you just pick out the areas where they are weak and work on those?

    How much written work do you do? I have worked with the Power of 2 books and found those really good for helping pupils, though the work is verbal more than written?

    My worry is that you cant possibly cover everything in an hour a week, so is it okay to just focus on certain areas of maths work?

    I'm CRB checked for supply do I need a separate one for tutoring? Many thanks in advance.
  2. kaitaz

    kaitaz New commenter

    I tutor through an agency. I contact the child's school and get them to email me a list of topics they wish me to work on. I also administer a short assessment task on the first session which gives me an idea of holes that I can fill whilst waiting for the school to reply. I can email you the assessment if you wish
  3. enrg34

    enrg34 New commenter

    Sorry for the late reply I have been away Kaitaz. Thanks for your comment, I will look into tutoring agency if there is one in this area. That's very kind of you to offer the assessment I would appreciate that thank you.

    PARTALOA New commenter

    Would you mind sending me your assessment struggling to find something on the internet.

    PARTALOA New commenter

    What I normally do is ask for school report and progress lessons from there. Additionally, school invariably via parents lets me know where the focus needs to be. Then we plan together how we are going to achieve the goal. I do give and expect homework to be done. Hope this helps.
  6. enrg34

    enrg34 New commenter

    Yes I was thinking of that too, as pupils usually have targets. Thank you.
  7. bevdex

    bevdex Star commenter

    The New Zealand maths website has some great analysis interviews which help to focus on misconceptions and areas for development - and the last time I looked, they were free.
  8. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    Hi, have you started tutoring now? It's been a while since you posted but I thought I'd reply anyway. I don't tutor through an agency, I'm lucky as I mainly tutor children from my daughter's school all of whom I've got through word of mouth. I use my teaching DBS. I do an assessment mainly on number work, plus a bit of time to begin with. Having said that, generally speaking I mainly teach FDP, times tables and word problems. I have bought Target Your Maths books for Years3-6 which I dip in to, but I also have a lot of resources which I've gathered over the years which I use. Let me know if there's anything else.
  9. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    I'd second the word of mouth as a great way to get new students. Another tip is to put an advert out through the local newsletter for your school. This works really well. Facebook I've had less success with. Have you thought of offering small class tuition for numeracy for the top school entrance exams? I'm going to do this for my subject next year...five kids at thirty quid each. I need to safety proof the room, but the idea of a mini classroom appeals! I wish I knew a Maths teacher near me, they are despearate for them!
  10. enrg34

    enrg34 New commenter

    Thanks for replying reddevil. That's useful to know because I felt a bit overwhelmed by having to try to cover everything, though I like you have quite a few resources to use but it's just which ones to use. I have started tutoring one child but it is on more of an informal basis as a favour to a friend. It's good practice to begin with! I mainly lack confidence in tutoring I think that I'm more answerable if I don't cover everything, not used to that in doing supply teaching!
  11. enrg34

    enrg34 New commenter

    I do have another question, how long do you spend on one topic. For example if I spent an hour on fractions last week with a bit of homework which he seemed to find straightforward enough, this week I was going to cover something different, perhaps just briefly recapping last weeks fractions. He's only year 6 and no 11+ to worry about either.
  12. privatetutor86

    privatetutor86 New commenter

    I'm beginning primary maths tuition and also looking for baseline assessments I can do with new students. Is it possible to have a look at the assessment you use as well?
    Many thanks

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