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Maths trip

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by plumbago, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Why is it that other depts get all the trips? Has anyone been on a Maths trip abroad? I see the tour operator STS is advertising trips to New York. Has anyone organised a trip like this?
  2. Why is it that other depts get all the trips? Has anyone been on a Maths trip abroad? I see the tour operator STS is advertising trips to New York. Has anyone organised a trip like this?
  3. frustum

    frustum Lead commenter

    (1) They organise them.
    (2) As a cash-strapped parent, you are more likely to shell out for a trip which gives opportunities which cannot be had in this country: practising languages with the natives, seeing sights which enhance understanding of history, geography, or whatever.
    (But some have organised maths trips, and if you think you'd get takers, why not!)
  4. pipipi

    pipipi New commenter

    There used to be a eurodisney trip. It looked at speed of rollercoasters etc. I don't remember any more sorry
  5. mevdog1971

    mevdog1971 New commenter

    I think riding on the rollercoaster at Eurodisney may have been the real agenda...has there seriously been a maths trip to a French theme park on the basis that you will measure speed there?
  6. lizlucy

    lizlucy New commenter

    We took 84 year 9 to Paris last October and are repeating the trip this year.
    We used Galina and were very happy with them.
    Everyone who went really enjoyed the trip.

  7. mevdog1971

    mevdog1971 New commenter

    I'm sure they enjoyed it. As to whether it served any real educational purpose..?
  8. I can think of a few topics to cover! Can I come please?! [​IMG]
  9. lizlucy

    lizlucy New commenter

    The trip was in the half term holiday so they didn't lose out on any education and whilst the Eurodisney day probably didn't help their Maths, I think they did learn at the Maths exhibition at La Villette and quite a few were heard talking about maths whilst exploring the exhibits.
    The trip was a joint Maths and French one and they certainly heard French spoken and tried a little themselves when buying lunches and souvenirs.
    So in answer to your question - yes I think it did serve a real educational purpose as well as being a holiday for them.
    Do you not have fond memories of school trips that you went on as a pupil?
  10. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    I'm happy to try to resolve this for you. If everyone chips in a few quid to cover the costs (see, I don't even want paying, just expenses), I will take my kids to Disney for the weekend and let you know how mathematical it was. No need to thank me.

    More seriously though,have you thought about a trip to somewhere like Bletchley Park? I haven't been YET but it's on my bucket list, though I bet it would be quite an interesting idea. And perhaps the History department would share the admin with you?

    (I know it isn't abroad, sorry). But the Atomium in Belgium is mathematically quite interesting from memory - sorry it was quite a few years ago that I visited so I can't recall whether there was a specific maths tour available.
  11. chrisa86

    chrisa86 New commenter

    I personally couldn't see the benefit of a trip abroad but I have organised numerous trips in England in the two years I've been in my current school... I like Maths Inspiration for instance, took 47 of my pupils to the show in Canterbury two weeks ago for instance, was excellent.
  12. mevdog1971

    mevdog1971 New commenter

    Yes, lots of fond memories.
    I don't really understand the relevance of your question. My post was about the value of a maths trip to Eurodisney, but it sounds like a school organised holiday, all clear now.
    Thanks for clarifying.
  13. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    I can recommend that - fascinating!
    They do talks at different levels so our 6th formers looked at the Maths of Enigma and Year 10 looked at some more general code-breaking.
  14. Yes I've seen the STS website. Bletchley's excellent. Quite fancy a trip abroad, maybe combining with the art dept to Florence...

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