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Maths through multimedia

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by evets, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Hey, you GCSE teachers!

    I need urgent advice on Maths teaching resources, particularly at GCSE level, available commercially,
    Usually, a school keeps a supply of these and update them and buy new ones from time to time.
    What software do you have in your school?
    How good are they?
    Please be specific and descriptive in your reviews. Which package do you use for
    1. Application of Number
    2. Algebra
    3. Shape and Space
    4. Handling data and/or Statistics
    If you like a particular package, what is it and why do you like it?
    If a package is a waste of money, which one is it?
  2. So my thread hasn't been read by you yet.
  3. Between the hours of midnight and six in the morning you thought we'd be falling over ourselves to write a review on a commercially available multimedia teaching resource (preferably for KS4), in a specific and descriptive manner, outlining the attainment target it addresses, detailing what it includes, what it does and why we like it?
  4. DM

    DM New commenter

  5. I've used BoredWorks and didn't like it. Presenting to a group of kids is not the same as presenting to a bunch of adults.
  6. I have only used free samples from Boardworks so can't really comment on the full package. The lessons I used were fine but certainly didn't tempt me to part with the thick end of £1000. As with most other packages, it didn't really allow flexibility in delivery, a point others have made on the 'PowerPoint' lessons thread.
  7. Thanks, Stuart. That was quite informative. Steve
  8. tut tu...it has taken you nearly two weeks to respond to someones post... you should have done it within hours:
    Sounds like a sales pitch above.
    Boardworks is good for kids to have at home from experience, but very rigid for teaching..some good interactive/viusal bits
    abacus PPs are good with a fair range of questions on lots of topics and you can chop and change them. I like it...only downside is that its starting to look a little 'old' in terms of visual appeal
    Whiteboard maths is good with some nice examples but not a lot of work for the kids. more examples of how to do things rather than work. This is good for graphing/shape/space stuff but time consuming for other topics
    Mymaths..some of it is great for teaching KS3/4...much is low on 'bang for buck' and ineffective in parts...kids can deviate from Outcomes to explore pointless aspects of the site. The A level is poor IMO as its clunky.
    Geogebra, superb if you can manipulate it and take the time to figure out its power...without the best value for money (or no money)
    Bring on the maths...nice for quick learning recaps
    Its all about bang for buck...anything that i can do quicker or more effectively i do alone, yet something like circle theorem then its straight on mymaths
  9. LiamD

    LiamD Occasional commenter

    JoeBlogs, I don't do presenting, I teach.
    But maybe I could have expanded on my views in my earlier post. Some of the Flash content in Boardworks is rather good. An example of this for me would be the Real-life Graphs. In particular I like 'Filling Flasks'. I am, however, disinclined to search through our SoWs to find precisely which aspects of the package have been identified as effective teaching tools (well not unless i'm asked nicely). [​IMG].
  10. LiamD

    LiamD Occasional commenter

    I don't do sales. Never have and never will.
    IMO it's a real shame Betamale - your cynicism detracts from the obvious quality of your posts.
  11. DM

    DM New commenter

    I think it enhances them enormously.
  12. LiamD

    LiamD Occasional commenter

    Obviously 'horses for courses' then. I tend to side with Oscar Wilde on this issue:
    What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.
  13. DM

    DM New commenter

    I side with Irving Layton:
    An idealist is a cynic in the making.
  14. Sales pitch? Not a particularly effective one it seems since most comments about Boardworks have been luke warm at best. Also, to be fair, we have had the holidays since the first post.

    When I first read Betamales posts I thought they were a bit abrasive but the style has certainly grown on me, a bit of a curmudgeon but with everyones best interests definitely at heart (no offence, I'd rather not be the subject of a Betamale swipe!).

    On the subject of resources, I'm never keen to be too negative, people have put thought and effort into things. In general though, I find commercial presentations suffer from too much text on each slide/poor presentation/too prescriptive. I don't need Boardworks/MyMaths et al to teach for me.

    Apologies if this sounds grumpy, insomnia kicks in yet again:(
  15. I apologise. In fact I apologise to all for many posts of a similar nature
    I am a little pessimistic and I know I shouldnt be. We have a great future ahead in education. Apologies all round. I shall cut the post short as I am off to plan a grid multiplication and short division lesson for my new A level students.
    Once again, Sorry all round
    Please e-kick me if I slip into a similar mode.
  16. The EBac came out of nowhere and it's really unfair to judge any school on it right now. I suspect that the 'terrible' results this year are to give a very low baseline so that they can miraculously go up by the time of the next election.

    I have to admit, I gave up languages in Year 9 and so wouldn't have passed the EBac, despite having done well in maths/science/economics...
  17. Indeed and many good schools who have an alternative approach to what they offer are going to produce low figure. A couple of local schools who are good/very good are around 10% as their curric doesn't YET support the EBac......will they succumb? I hope not IF and ONLY if they are servicing the needs of their pupils to the highest standard and not hindering possible future choices/chances.
  18. I think honesty would do me:
    (i) School says we are working purely for the kids needs, screw the outside judgements
    (ii) Schools openly say screw the kids needs we are working to tick boxes
    Problem is often that they are not open and honest with all parties
    I say whole country runs IBac, we realise as an Island we are a long way off the pace and provide a new culture in education that doesn't p*ssy foot around being 'PC' as those in so called 'less developed' countries.

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