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MATHS test section of PGCE Primary Interview!!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by siobhanreid, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Hi Dani
    I hope you got in!!!
    I have an interview at the IOE in April and just wondering if you could give me any handy hints - how was the maths and english test and what sort of things did they ask you at interview??
    Also any advice on the presentation would be a great help!!!
  2. princessdani22

    princessdani22 New commenter

    Hi Siobhan.. sorry about the delayed response.. the day after my interview I found out I have flu haha.. good job it wasn't the day of my interview!
    Okay advice.. for maths revise fractions, decimals, ratios, sequences (basic algebra and producing formulas etc).. general things like that, but don't worry too much because they said that if you don't do too good they understand you may not have done it for ages and if everything else goes okay then you can just have top up lessons during the summer.
    English you just need to brush up on things like what a noun is, adverb, simile... suffixes, prefixes etc etc and you'll be fine!! The English wasn't too hard.. but once again, it had been so long since I'd been asked what a noun was etc.
    In the actual interview itself she just asked me loads of general questions, why i want to be a teacher, what personal qualities I have that will be helpful, asked about my degree (as I did law not an educational degree) ermmm.. current primary issues etc
    Finally, the presentation is easy, you can take in cue cards or you can just talk from memory etc. I just used the things that they were lookin for that they mention ( the role of teacher,how children leaarn, enthusiasm for primary etc) so mention all thosethings. I don't have an education degree so my presentation was pretty basic, but this girl I was withh had this amazing presentation and mentioned all these educational theories etc etc!
    I haven't heard anything yet.. so I don't know if I've got on or not.. hoping I have, as I don't really have a back up plan of what to do! I just want to teach!
    Hope this helps!!! And good luck!! Try to relax, it's honestly not that stressful!
  3. Hi Dani,
    Hope you dont mind me asking for advice.... Im starting my PGCE Primary application now and i was woundering if you had any avice you could give me....


    Pete x

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