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maths sub-level descriptors

Discussion in 'Primary' started by primaryteacherlady, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know where I can find level descriptors, broken down into sub levels in the headings of the new framework? x
  2. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    Unfortunately not but if you find them anywhere please let me know as I'd love something like that!
  3. These are really helpful, thank you xx
  4. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are not, never have been and never will be level descriptors for the new primary maths framework.


    ........because there is no such thing!!!!

    The maths curriculum is the National Curriculum for maths and all the level descriptors have been in place since about 1992/3/4 ish - refined from 16 attainment targets to 4 AT1 U&A, AT2 Number, AT3 Shape, space and measures, AT4 Data Handling.

    ALL maths level descriptors, including those form West Sussex are based upon National Curriculum LEVEL descriptors.

    The primary framework for maths (and literacy) is simply a way of organising the National Curriculum for Maths and English into units, blocks etc...... - it's a bit like a scheme of work.

    HOWEVER - what you do have to support you in assessing learning in terms of the maths taught in line with the new primary framework for mathematics is the Assessment for Learning section for every block and unit.
  5. These new assessment guidelines are still using the national curriculum level descriptors and incorporating the assessment focus areas through APP.

    The levels are still according to AT 1,2,3,4 etc..
  6. You really are a diva as your name says. Posts like that are neither helpful nor necessary. I am well aware that the level descriptors refer to the National Curriculum and not the framework, I was simply asking if anyone had a format where they had been arranged under the new headings of the framework, rather than simply AT1 etc. I want to develop a running record and would like them arranged as described so that I can tick them off when teaching each block.
  7. Posts like that are neither helpful nor necessary.


  8. I agree what an awful post. People like thatshouldn't be allowed to comment - it was obvious what you were asking for.
  9. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Opera Diva was quite right in the content of what she said: there are no sub-level descriptors in the NC but there are plenty of others people have made up suitable for the OP's purpose, as in the various links in the thread.
    In OD's defence, her first post was perhaps uncharacteristically sharp in tone but she has been one of the most giving and helpful contributors to grace these forums.
  10. and the original post was made a year ago, so quite why it has been upped now escapes me!
  11. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    It would appear to have been the poster's first post, perhaps she didn't notice the date - done it myself..
  12. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    ( I have a suspicious nature[​IMG])
  13. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Very sensible!! I am suspicous of those who say otherwise.....
  14. [​IMG]

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