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Maths Speacialist Teacher programme

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by CB123, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    I'm just wondering if any one has done this course or are part way through it and could tell me a little bit about the workload it involves
  2. I agree with all Carrie has said.
    I would add that the improvements to my subject knowledge and pedagogy have been the major benefits for me.
    The assignments get you to focus on an area you would like to develop so that links nicely to school priorities. But the improvement to my confidence and knoweldge as a subject leader has also meant that I lead the subject better so I think this also helps with school improvement.
    The first year is mainly about you, and learning in your classroom and the second year is about working collaboratively: so the chance to involve other colleagues (unless it's different in diferent areas?). I found that in the first year though I was having more maths conversations around school and was able to bring stuff from the course into staff meetings and INSET too.


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