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Maths lessons aligned with curriculum targets?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by andybeale, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. andybeale

    andybeale New commenter

    Hi - having so much meaningless paperwork to fill in, data to input, time-wasting meetings to attend etc I need to take the pragmatic approach.... I need ready-made maths resources aimed at the targets in the National Curriculum. If I can tweak them all the better, but even if not, nice-looking material that I don't have to hunt around for and which is engaging for my kids would help a great deal!

    I could use TES but then I have to hunt for them and they're not always of good enough quality. Can anyone recommend a website/company which sells consistently good resources aimed specifically at the NC targets to individual users? ****** look good but you only really get to see what most of their resources are like when you've already paid. Any suggestions?

  2. misterhall

    misterhall New commenter

    Target your maths - search for it on Google - priceless :)

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