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Maths lesson to present science lesson data in year 6

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by blackpurse, May 27, 2011.

  1. In our science lesson we tried to find out which food gives us the most energy.
    We recorded the starting temperature, then the rise in temperature and then the difference between the rise in temperature and the starting temperature for three different food types.
    <font size="3">LO: Solve a problem by representing graphs after already representing data in a table</font> Creative ideas wanted to turn this into a motivating lesson for year 6 children who have outgrown us.
  2. Hi
    How about a lesson you have put together up for help?
    CIMT have some good resources for stats/handling data
  3. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter

    Have you already taught the science lesson? If I was doing this to motivate the children I would start before the Science lesson and get the children to generate hypotheses. The maths should then be a tool to solve the 'mystery' of which food gives most energy. You could generate interest in the different foods by saying that you wanted to promote a food with lots of energy and you need to convince people
    So in essence create a reason to do the maths then use it to see if your prediction was correct and to convince others of the energy values of the foods.
  4. Yes, we have already carried out the science lesson. The science lesson was took out of my hands. It was carried out at a local secondary school and was lead by their head of department. She didn't ask them to make a prediction before she started. Because it was my first time doing anything like that I missed that chance too.
    So, we did this before we went off for half term on Thursday. For the first lesson, I will ask the children to predict which food will give the most energy because luckily although they collected the data they didn't analyse it and the majority will have forgotten after this long break.
    Secondly, I have took several stills of different parts of the lesson, they are going to order them then write a caption for eachone.
    <u>For the second lesson, this is where the maths comes in, I'll ask them to present the data in a graph/chart bar or line?? This is where I need help. We have recorded three readings for the start temperature, the rise in temperature and the difference between the rise in temperature and start temperature. I need to differentiate this somehow. </u>
    I like the idea of persuading people to buy this food type (which isn't healthy). We could then on the back of this maths lesson design persuasive posters encouraging people who take part in activities which require lots of energy to take this food type with them.

  5. Look in excel at the "stock" charts ... I would use one similar to those

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