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maths lesson observation

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mich21761, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. mich21761

    mich21761 New commenter

    I am having a maths lesson observation next wk and I am really struggling to make it all singing all dancing. It's year 3/4 Block D unit 2 (Add/sub mentally combination of one-two digit numbers. My main teaching is partitioning and adding. I would appreciate any good ideas, I'm really nervous because my plan doesn't look too exciting.
  2. One idea a friend of mine tried but i havent had the chance to try myself yet is to have a "magic number" in a box, and the children have to try to work out what the number is. They do this by being given clues by you (additions and subtraction calculations) which when they work out as a team means they can get the next clue until they get to the final one and find out the "magic number". Its interactive, gets children to work together, and can be differentiated by ability with different calculations.
    Hope this helps! [​IMG]
  3. mich21761

    mich21761 New commenter

    thanks for that I'll give it a go, sounds interesting
  4. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    You could use a dart board. ( I have one in my class - its magnetic) A lesson I have done is
    Thrown 2 / 3 darts ( depepnding on ability) what methods do we know to add the numbers
    Ive then give paper copies out on tables - children flick 2 counters and practice adding
    bring them back together and discuss strategies used.
    Then pose some question. I want to make 25 - what 2 darts could I throw to make this number (highers could use 3 darts)
    This then leads onto discussing problem solving and how to record results logically to make sure they get all the solutions.
    My kids love it when i get the dart board out and now often play with it during wet breaks and have requested a darts club being set up
  5. mich21761

    mich21761 New commenter

    This sounds good also, thanks for your responses, will give this a try. I sometimes do something similar with throwing dice.

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