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Maths lead

Discussion in 'Primary' started by nowhereman1, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. nowhereman1

    nowhereman1 New commenter

    Hello all,
    Recently appointed maths lead in a large primary school.
    Any tips to make a positive impact? What did people find useful to do? What didn't work well?
  2. star9

    star9 New commenter

    Check your calculation policy:
    • Is it consistent?
    • do all the staff follow it?
    • does it show what you want to be taught?
    • does it cover the requirements of the national curriculum?
    Try and do learning walks. This might be dropping into another maths lesson for 5 minutes. It can be difficult to organise, but it is worth while.

    Do a book scrutiny. Choose three books from each class group. Decide what you are looking for. Are you concerned about presentation of pupils, thoroughness and effectiveness of marking, quantity of work, appropriateness of work, differentitation, progress over the term, progress between year groups?

    Have regular maths meetings. You might want to find out if the department is well enough resourced - practical equipment, textbooks, online subscriptions. Where are practical resources kept? Can teachers share them so that they are more effective? Does each class have one box of 3-D shapes? If so, are there enough sets around the school for every group in one class to have a set on their table when they are looking at properties of shapes?

    Identify whole school issues. Do you have regular assessments like Headstart, ******, Rising Stars, White Rose? Do you analyse the results? Is there a a particular strand that stands out as being weaker than the others?

    Are all children able to access the National curriculum? If not, how are you supporting the LA children? How are the HA children being extended? Can you show this?

    Whatever you do, discuss with all the staff so they are onboard with changes before they are made so that thy buy into them.

    I hope that is useful for starters.
  3. nowhereman1

    nowhereman1 New commenter

    Very detailed, thank you.
  4. Path123

    Path123 New commenter

    -periodic reflections
    - regular follow ups/ training
    - student centered learning

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