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Maths Knowledge Indicators

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by d_lee, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. d_lee

    d_lee New commenter

    Our SLT has asked us to write Maths knowledge indicators to link with our new SOW. Does anyone else use these? How do you use them? Are they helping the progress of your students?
  2. maths_mikey

    maths_mikey New commenter

    Have they a particular reason for this or are making work for the sake of it?
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  3. afterdark

    afterdark Lead commenter

    Beat me to it.

    I have used something of this ilk. Several member of the department worked on it over several years.

    It rather depends on how you set the thing up.

    It was until the SLT tried to stick their oar in. Once it becomes a stick to beat staff with integrity goes out the linear and student progession becomes uniformly linear every time the metric is measured.

    They can help progression if they form an accurate record of what the student has succeeded with. Such things tend to rely on assuming retention what has been taught by the teachers previously.

    If they SLT want it as stick to beat you all with then make what you do opaque to them.
    If you work for an SLT who insist that students only ever make progress and never regress then make what you do opaque to them.

    The question is why do it. You have to answer this question to allow you to build up something that can be useful.

    You can buy tracking software online. If you want to make your own bespoke thing, then make sure whoever does it gets plenty of time to work on it not teaching, or at the very least is a HoD or higher.
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