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maths investigation

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jog_on, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    For the others I will probably just say "Remember to add on a profit for yourself - about £100" or something like that!
  2. Sounds really good!!!!!!!
  3. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    Thank you :)

    Nearly done the MA one too.
  4. Jog_on, your plan looks fantastic. I'd love to see the finished ideas (and unashamedly pinch them!)
  5. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Use an abacus to show that five percent is half of ten percent, and that's just a tenth...

    This sounds like a really good fun project; hope it goes well!
  6. How you doing today on it jog_on? Thanks for the ideas for my jungle area! Now to find some fur rugs!!
  7. I'm so glad you liked the idea.... it's fab how we take things and adapt them for our classes. Happy holidays!!
  8. rach1968

    rach1968 New commenter

    There's something similar to this in the scholastic new framework (yr 5) book I think it is in A2 (I'd have to check) but it would be a starting point for you - might give you some ideas for things you might not have thought about).
  9. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    Have only just got up today ;) Thus, haven't actually done anything...dreamt about work though, so that could count!

    Almost there with it...will put the lesson plan and investigation into the file bank soon.
  10. Hope you had a nice lie in!! I wish!
  11. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    I'm still tired...wasn't when I went to bed, but am now. Even finished penultimate page of my book when I got to bed...half 12 or something like that!
  12. It must have been about 1.30/2 when finally dropped off. Even resorted to reading MP's book which must have worked ;)
  13. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    My book was an educational book - how sad! ;)
  14. MP's book was Grumpy Old Men which I bought him. Actually it was hilariouos. Probably explains why I couldn't sleep.
  15. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    Sounds interesting ;)

    Ok...am nearly, nearly done. Shall I dare put it in the file bank? Am not going to put a lesson plan with it, as I'm not actually doing much with them that day - it's a culmination of the skills they will have learnt and consolidated throughout the unit.
  16. If you wanted to show lesson plan idea then post your unit plan with it. Or let others use their initiative. I am sure that others would love your investigation ideas.
  17. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    Right...am going to put it in there in a few mins...just need to check it through.

    Think I'll leave it up to others how they want to use it...unit plan isn't quite done.
  18. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

  19. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    It looks really good Jog_on. I will definitely use this when we go back. I was going to do rabbits in pens off nrich but the children will enjoy this more.
  20. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter


    Resource is in resource bank now...thanks again for everything guys :D

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