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maths ideas

Discussion in 'Primary' started by must be crazy!, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Year 4 whole class maths.
    Need to assess their ability this week, before we set for maths. But first, got a session or two with all abilities. Any ideas for fun activities to remind them what maths is???
  2. Check out the nrich website - always good stuff on there
    I'm teaching sequences at the beginning of the week and then moving onto creating spirals based on our sequences for a quick display at the end of the week.
    Or you could shoose a topic like say shape - create a leaflet which tells me everything you know about shapes. Then peer assess using a rebus from the Y3 / Y4 key objectives - instant targets if you set the rebus up correctly.
  3. piglet33

    piglet33 New commenter

    I am also thinking of this for my Year 4 class. New to year 4 so would like to get a feel of where they are so am thinking of setting up some kind of challenge questions using various maths skills but not sure how long it will take and if I have the time yet!
  4. piglet33

    piglet33 New commenter

    How do you create spirals using sequences? Would really like to do this!
  5. Thanks for the replies.
    Have found some olympic work, which, combined with assessment tests, will fill my week, hopefully.
    But also, what are spiral sequences????

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