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Maths GCSE textbooks - help!

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by sigridsmith, Apr 21, 2020.


Which GCSE Maths textbook is the best for Edexcel?

  1. Pearson

  2. Oxford University Press

  3. Collins

  4. Hodder Education

  5. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. sigridsmith

    sigridsmith New commenter

    Does anyone have any advice or insight in to which GCSE Maths textbook is the best? From the research I've done so far, I'm down to Pearson's Foundation/Higher Student Books or the Oxford University Press Foundation/Higher Student Books (links below). We are doing Edexcel, and looking for a textbook that can both stretch our most able, while also being accessible and supportive to all pupils. My worry is that the Pearson layout is quite confusing, but possibly has more challenge. Oxford is a much clearer layout with more examples, but apparently has lots of incorrect answers in the back and perhaps not enough stretch.

    If anyone has experience with either textbook (or a better one), it'd be great to hear your thoughts. Also if you've used their online resources at all and whether you've experienced any problems with these. Thanks so much.

    Oxford: http://fdslive.oup.com/www.oup.com/...AL_Hires.pdfwebready.compressed.pdf?region=uk

    Pearson: https://www.pearsonschoolsandfecoll...s/EdexcelGCSE(9-1)MathsStudentBookHigher.aspx
  2. SparkMaths

    SparkMaths Occasional commenter

    I use the Oxford one, it's the best textbook I've ever used. There's Foundation/Higher GCSE and A Level too.

    My favorite feature is that each topic has a seperate "Fluency" and "Problem Solving" section, so you can focus your teaching on just the straightward procedure first, then move on to the more difficult probelm solving questions. Other textbooks have problem solving questions but Oxford is consistent in every topic having one whole page at least for each.
  3. sigridsmith

    sigridsmith New commenter

    Yes that's the impression I had too. Thanks so much, that's really helpful. Do you have access to the online books too? If so, do you find that your pupils use these much, or do you find them useful for showing questions on the board etc?
  4. slstrong123

    slstrong123 New commenter

    Used the Pearson ones, take a little while to get used to but have plenty of challenge and we'll sequenced. Higher tier v good, Foundation didn't always go low enough for the very bottom end, but not found many text books that do.

    Used Oxford ones for Higher tier only and don't like them. Too much subject knowledge covered in one exercise (eg factorising, and completing the square in the same short exercise). Also don't like the sequencing of topics. Not had experience using the Foundation tier ones.
    sigridsmith likes this.
  5. sigridsmith

    sigridsmith New commenter

    Thanks for this!
  6. pauly22

    pauly22 New commenter

    I don't like the Pearson ones, my previous school (AQA) took the Collins one which I found much better personally.
  7. sigridsmith

    sigridsmith New commenter

  8. thara9643

    thara9643 New commenter

    I use Collins Edexcel foundation workbook with one set. With my higher ability students I like to be creative and get them to practice thinking outside of the box instead as much as possible. I use textbooks sparingly. But the one that I do use for a top ability hardworking 8/9 set that I teach is very good. My advice is to find a textbook that you love.
  9. andylongfield

    andylongfield New commenter

    Quite like Oxford ones. Sometimes need to pick and choose questions from an exercise before doing the rest after mastering first skill. End of chapter questions are goodas well as Kerboodle tests which come in matching pairs.
  10. Fossie

    Fossie New commenter

  11. Bob Bridges

    Bob Bridges New commenter

    Have only used the Pearson Edexcel (Higher & Foundation) recently.
    Be careful if you go for this one.
    The staff in our dept always say - not enough consolidation and Foundation is difficult. Not enough gentle progression for our Foundation students.
    Have you looked at CIMT - as a basic and then enhance with on-line resources ?

    Have you thought about not having textbooks ? Just asking !

    Hope this helps, good luck,


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