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maths games

Discussion in 'Primary' started by olipage, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    I need more ideas for maths games in the classroom ffor a real low ability Year 3 class.
    I already play Yee Ha cowboy (a bit like shoot out) .. around the world and guess my number but what else can we play??
    Any ideas please help...Thanks :)
  2. sorry, forgot to mention, games that we can do as a whole class standing up or sitting down, without the need for many resources.
  3. anyone want to exchange some?
  4. thepinkrachael

    thepinkrachael New commenter

    I'm Year 1, but maybe you can adapt some of these... (not saying they're all great, but it's better than nothing and might give you something to go off!)...
    We do lots of games where we children sit in a circle with a partner, selection of numbers/coins/shapes etc. etc. in the centre and they have to take it in turns to go to the centre to ge, for example 1-20 in order, the shapes needed to build the picture shown, coins to make x amount. You could adapt this to pretty much anything - great for getting them to talk about ways to do thigns too.
    My class love Beat the Clock stuff - how many numbers/shapes they can recognise before the timer goes, shouting out 1 more or 1 less to the number I show them and seeing how many they can do before the time runs out, shouting the answer to a number sentence etc.
    Put different answers on different tables/at different stations around the room - give them the question, find the right table (We have done this for number bonds, doubles, shapes with so many sides etc. - again, you can adapt it to whatever)
    Write a selection of numbers on the board and have two teams - choose person from each team to come up, but others can whisper the answer to help (gets them all working it out) and give them a question/problem/whatever first person to point toright answer wins.
    Dice games - 2 teams, one person from each team rolls the dice...could be a point if they get an even number/a multiple of... or roll two dice - if they add up to double something/number bond work/ etc.
    Follow me cards (you know, I am 10 less than 30, person who has 20 says I am 20, I have 10 more than 50 etc. etc.)
    Hope this is the sort of thing you mean and helps a bit!

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