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Maths games with dice

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by nichiebonk, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I am a PE teacher and regularly play dice games with my Year 7 tutor group. I am trying to find more games now that they are moving into Year 8 as the love the competition. We currently play bingo, an addition game and one based on a number line.
    I have the following dice;
    If anybody can explain a game or point me in the direction of finding some I would be very grateful.
  2. maths126

    maths126 New commenter

    Hi Nicola,
    One of the most compelling dice games for class use is the fast game "Snake Eyes" which works well as a 'Winner Stays On' game when scores are kept on the board at the front.
    Two players. The winner is the first to 100 points. Two dice are used.
    Player A rolls both dice and adds the scores. She then has the option of rolling both again to increase her 'running total'. She can keep rolling the dice as many times as she wants in order to increase her running total by adding the new score at each roll. At any point she can stop and 'bank' the points in her running total. She then passes the two dice to Player B, who rolls in a similar way.
    The 'out' is the Snake Eye which means that on a given roll, one of the dice shows an ace (one). If this happens, the turn ends immediately and the running total is zeroed. Nothing can be banked, although the previously-banked points remain. The player is "wounded" and limps home with no score but remains in the game. The dice pass to the other player.
    Disaster strikes when 'Snake Eyes' is rolled (two aces). This time it's almost fatal as all the banked points get zeroed as well. While the player remains in the game, recovery is indeed slow as the other player is now almost certain to overtake and reach 100 first.
    Other games to look up:
    Farkle - Also known as 5,000 or 10,000
    Poker Dice
    Liar Dice
    I used to play a game I called "Yoikes!" but other names for it are around I'm sure. This may even be the one to which you refer in your reference to number lines. For this the pupils keep track of their progress on paper while you use your polyhedral dice to generate numbers up to 100.
    Each player draws a row/column of 10 empty boxes and a separate box (the Yoikes! bin) for rejects. The dice roller generates a sequence of 10 numbers from 1 to 100.
    As each number is rolled and called out (e.g. "23") each player must write it in one of their remaining empty boxes. However, when finished all numbers must be in increasing order. If "23" was followed by "39" and a player placed these two in adjacent boxes, then a subsequent "28" would be impossible to place and so would go in the Yoikes! bin with corresponding sound effects. The winner(s) are those who manage to place the greatest number of rolls correctly - eight out of ten usually wins.

  3. DM

    DM New commenter

    Avatar Nicola?
  4. Colleen_Young

    Colleen_Young Occasional commenter

    Does it have to be with dice? Countdown type games?
  5. alisum

    alisum New commenter

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