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Maths functional skills - national diploma

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Nimstar, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Nimstar

    Nimstar New commenter

    Can anyone point me to a good source of information about Maths functional skills within the national diploma? I've got quite general information from Direct Gov, DFE and OCR but was hoping to get something more meaty.
    Many thanks,
  2. DM

    DM New commenter

    What do you need to know? The Diploma cannot be awarded without attaining FS at the approproate level (Level 1 for Level 1 Diploma or Level 2 for Level 2 or 3 Diplomas). There really isn't anything more to it than that.
  3. Nimstar

    Nimstar New commenter

    Hi, thanks fr the reply. That's pretty much all I'd found :) I was trying to find out specifically the part maths has played it in - what sort of things the initial diploma included and what the maths in it is like now (if it has indeed changed) Is is there as a subject in it's own right or as part of things such as personal finance, engineering etc?
  4. DM

    DM New commenter

    You sound like you don't have a clue! FS maths is a stand alone qualification, the same as FS English and FS ICT (also compulsory components of the Diploma). The Level 3 Engineering Diploma also has a mathematics component in the Principal Learning (a mix of Core and Mechanics). Neither qualification has changed since they were introduced.
  5. I think that is why this thread has been started. This person has been modest enough to acknowledge their limited knowledge and ask the question. It is good that you have replied with some information but I don't think it was necessary to be rude.
  6. DM

    DM New commenter

    I didn't realise I was being rude. Next time I will make sure I run my posts past you for approval first.

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