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Maths - formal written methods

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ellebk, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. ellebk

    ellebk New commenter


    Sorry if this has been asked but I still am not totally sure. The new curriculum for year 6 has an appendix of formal written methods. I think it's a mistake to limit the methods that children can use but hey ho, that's a debate for another day!! What I'm wondering is will children be penalised if they don't use one of those methods? So say they answer a multiplication question correctly but use grid method rather than long method, will it be marked as correct? I'd like to think it would but having seen mark schemes for SATs in the past I know they can be harsh!!!! Thanks
  2. summlard

    summlard New commenter

    I think they will get the marks regardless if the answer is correct. But will not receive method marks for an incorrect answer.

    I think it's better that all children learn the same methods in a way. I understand the counter argument but this way children will be familiar with the same method in all schools and then if children move schools or go to secondary there is (hopefully) seem less transition in methods.
  3. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    This is my understanding as well. I would teach them the grid method as it is important conceptually for much of what comes later, in terms of understanding multiplication as area, and for algebraic multiplication, but then progress them onto the formal method once they understand what they are doing, and that it is really just the grid method but laid out slightly differently.

    The example given in the sample paper and mark scheme does what summlard says - 2 marks for correct answer using ANY method, but one mark for making a single error if the formal method was used. Zip for anything else.

    As I like to say: "Get it right however you like, but get it wrong MY WAY."
  4. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    Perfect answer Andrew!
  5. ellebk

    ellebk New commenter

    ha ha, I like your phrase Andrew! thanks for the clarification all :)

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