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Maths - 'essentails' for each year group 7-11

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by sandler, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. sandler

    sandler New commenter

    Dear all,

    I have been tasked to narrow down the curriculum to look at the 'non-negotiables' for each year group. What are the basic sub-topic areas that all students should achieve and meet? What would be the building blocks?

    There are ideas connected to primary school, especially in connection to WRM but it is becoming a bigger job than I had envisioned.

    Any suggestions/ideas?

  2. za_zeeshan33

    za_zeeshan33 New commenter

    Id suggest to break down the specification into grades. I.E addition and subtraction of fractions is roughly a grade 3 topic, whereas addition and subtraction of normal integers is a grade 1/2 topic. Break all topics into grades 1-9 then allocate the required grades to each year?
    year 7 grade 1-3
    year 8 grade 3-4
    year 9 grade 4-5
    year 10 grade 5-7
    year 11 grade 7-9?
  3. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    Doesn't think depend on the level the students come in at and what target grade they are trying to achieve? If a student is coming in with SEN AND very low levels I.e. struggling to add then that should be a topic they do every year until they can do it. If a student gets a very high SATs score then feel free to teaching then solving simultaneous equation in year 7 moving on to quadratic simultaneous equations in year 8. I don't see that there are any essentials of a year group if a student is still struggling with fractions in year 10 they need to keep studying fractions. Many schools
    catherinedavid likes this.
  4. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    I presume it's one of these whole-school ideas, which works very well for some subjects, and not for others. All year 9 students will read Romeo and Juliet, learn about the water cycle and learn vocabulary relating to food... However some year 9 students will solve simultaneous equations and some shouldn't be expected to try.

    I think the best you could do is go for za-zeeshan's suggestion of non-negotiables for "stages", and then tell the SLT that you would normally expect year 7s to be working on "stage 2", but some may be working on stage 1 or stage 3.

    The theory that the primary schools will also have "non-negotiables" so they will all arrive knowing those is lovely, but has anyone ever had such an intake in a non-selective school?
  5. catherinedavid

    catherinedavid New commenter

    Forgive me if I sound naive, but what are: 'non-negotiables' in maths, exactly?

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