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Maths displays...What is on yours?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cbdixon, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I've been asked by my HT to look at the maths on display around school and apart from FS and some KS1, numeracy displays, as in prompts for the children, are minimal.

    What do you have on your walls that is to do with maths? Any year group and anything big or small will really help me.

    Big thanks in advance x
  2. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    I have the key vocab for the 4 operations. I also display the x tables and a large number square ( its in a place where I can use it in lessons if needs be)
    I also have small white boards which are filled in and discussed ever mon with the children - one for word of the week, one for number of the week and one for shape of the week.

    At the moment I have also got a reminder of how to times and divide numbers by 10 and 100

    Hope this is of use
  3. In year 3.
    I also have vocab for all four operations. Place value grid laminated to use in lessons. times tables poster. Who is learning which times table, moving to next when they've been tested. Learning objective for lesson, success criteria for lesson, vocab that they should use, any symbols they should use in that lesson or week. All the common 2-D and 3-D shapes, g in kg, cm in m, mins in hr, hrs in day, etc. Question of the week with post-it notes for ch to write answers on.
    I am still developing it and thinking of more things to put up. Some things are on wall next to display board - ran out of room!
    Hope that helps.
  4. are you looking just at info displays, or are you thinking of displays of the kids' work?
  5. sparklyrainbowfish

    sparklyrainbowfish New commenter

    here are some of the things I have had in my maths displays in KS2

    Information displays:
    vocab for all 4 operations
    key vocab for the week, and the previous week
    various posters covering different mathematical topics (eg how to solve word problems, shapes, mutiplication squares, giant number line inc. negative numbers etc)

    interactive display:
    time - display a time in 24hour clock, children set mini clocks on the display board to show the time in analogue, then write in 12 hour clock underneath. I changed the time shown each day.

    pupils' work:
    examples of problem solving (not word problems) and investigations which were carried out in pairs or groups, with pupils explaining the steps taken to investigate.
    Shape and symmetry work
    Different strategies for operations eg multiplying (Y6) so pupils can identify a method they are confident with.

    Hope this helps,
  6. Thank you for those. We do have children's work but we are trying to focus more on having prompts around the classroom as vidual aids are very few and far between.

    Any more ideas greatly appreciated!
  7. Im in a mixed Y1/2 class.
    I have signs with a shape with properties hanging from the ceiling, money hanging down, a number line with ordinal numbers and a counting in 5s and 10s number line. Maths vocab for all 4 operations and reminders about number formation, orientation and what to use to help, on the wall.
  8. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I have A4 (made by me on publisher) vocab posters for the four operations and equals. I also have (again made by me on publisher) a poster explaining RUCSAC for problem solving.

    the other visual clues are as and when we do that topic. Might have angles up when we do angles, or shape when we do shape, etc etc. If we happen to be doing the 4 operations that week, then you won't see anything much that is extra.

    Displays of pupil work does generally include some sort of LO and or method for the completion of the work, so is sort of a visual clue.
  9. I have some "constants" - 4 operations vocab, rules for multiples, multiplying/dividing by 10 &100.
    The rest is working space related to whatever we are doing. It is by no means a tidy display. Flip charts get torn off & stuck up, post-its & examples of pupils work, I also put up questions for them to try. It is there space as much as mine & things are added, moved, taken down to be used constantly. The problem with that is the backing paper gets very tatty, very quickly!
  10. Year 4 and have vocab for the 4 operations, 100 square which is interactive-cover number patterns and the chn need to work it out, multiplication square, this weeks vocab and some shapes, measures etc posters.

    Thinking of changing it though-saw a good display in another school's year 5 classroom and it had 4 operations vocab then methods for working out calculations in each operation eg partitioning, number line. I think my class need this and it was very visual so think will change it soon.
  11. Hi,

    We have Numeracy learning walls. These have the learning objective for the week with the I CAN statements that we will be covering that week. They also have a MUST, SHOULD and COULD objective on the wall. Key vocab goes up at the beginning of the week too.
    Then as we go through the week we put things up that help the children eg definitions of words, a problem with the working out shown as I have demonstrated how to carry out a strategy.... Also post-its with children's hints on.
    It takes a while to set up the first time, but then I just print off the new stuff for the next week and replace it.
    Hope that helps.

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