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maths display for Reception class

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Amz01, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Hi!

    Please could anyone give me some ideas for my maths display as i am struggling with ideas.

    Thanks in advance!!

  2. Hi!

    Please could anyone give me some ideas for my maths display as i am struggling with ideas.

    Thanks in advance!!

  3. do you have a counter / table top or is it just a wall display? if you have something to set out interactive resources on it is more engaging. posing a question is often helpful (which bag will hold the most apples?) or linking it to a story (how many hens can you see - Handa's Hen) hope that helps
  4. For beginning of term I think it is nice to do a "Numbers all around" display either with the children or ready for when they come in. They can take the photos themselves or go and find them from your photos e.g car number plate, telephone, clock, post box etc
  5. i like your idea pinkpeble but im not exactly sure what you mean (sorry). could you explain it in a little more detail. Thank you.

  6. it is linked to a table top.
  7. You could do it how you want to. The idea is to show children that when they are learning about numbers that they are everywhere! So with the chidren you could go on a number hunt and take photographs of where you can see them e.g numbers are on a car number plate, numbers are used for times on a post box, numbers are on a house door etc. Why do we have these these numbers there? Or you could already take the photos and have them displayed, then the chidren could go on a number hunt with a second set of the photos and see if they can find them, make sure they are all near your school so you can walk there easily.
    Does this make sense?
  8. On my maths display I am going to have numbers 1-20 on lily pads and also a laminated frog. I will then put up questions such as, can you move freddy frog to number... or if freddy frog jumps forward one place, what number is he on?
  9. Thanx for that. yes i uderstand now pinkpebble. i also like your idea claire.

  10. sparkle box is great for interactive maths displays for all areas. Have just been observed by early years link insepector! was commented on not having enough eye level maths displays around the classroom. Also photographs of children interacting with maths activities make a good display.
  11. What about a double decker bus with the song
    " Here comes the bus, it's going to stop.
    Come on children, in you pop.
    With 3 inside and 2 on top.
    How many children have you got?"

    Get the children to draw pictures of themselves and laminate them. Children can put the pictures of themselves on the bus (either on the top or bottom deck), and work out how many there are altogether. Put a whiteboard and pen/post-its next to the display so the children can record either the number sentences or answers.

    I use this for addition when I was in Reception and we did the sond practically by using a table and sitting children on and under the table.
    Hope this helps x

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