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Maths confidence in FE

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by everidge1, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Hi maths teachers in FE

    I am doing my research for my MA into maths teaching in FE. If anyone has any comments to post I would be really grateful so I can incorporate your views into my findings. My research question is:

    Does the level of subject specific knowledge affect your confidence in teaching different curriculum levels of mathematics/numeracy?

    In a nutshell - if you are teaching maths in FE, do you find that the more qualified in maths you are helps you teach the subject - maybe at higher levels such as GCSE higher or even A level, or maybe hinders you at lower levels such as Entry 1 and 2, and vice versa - you feel your lack of maths specific qualifications helps you teaching maths in FE. If you could post some opinions/comments I would be really grateful - please state in your replies if you are in FE or not. All posts will be treated anonymously and the more honest you are, the better!



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