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Maths calendar

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by lilybetbee, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. lilybetbee

    lilybetbee New commenter

    Does anyone know whether there are any 2011-2012 Maths calendars available anywhere?

    I mean the ones with a puzzle/challenge for each day, I have an old one with ideas I still use but a 1993 calendar doesn't look good on the wall!
  2. The Mathematical Association usually do them but they are calendar years rather than academic years so you would be able to get 2012 later this year.
    For some random reason they seem to have 2010 ones in the online shop for £1 - not up-to-date but better than the one you have!

  3. BEAM always used to do one though haven't looked this year.
  4. lilybetbee

    lilybetbee New commenter

    Thanks for the suggestions

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