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Maths block B unit 3 for year 1 planning

Discussion in 'Primary' started by madame_fifi, May 10, 2008.

  1. Sorry i would love to help but I myself am struggling to plan block D unit 3.
    I too have the book and at times it doesn't help.

    Over the next 2 weeks I am just going to plug the gaps the children have.
  2. Thanks for responding. Find that the book at times is not helpful at all.
  3. Totally agree, the literacy ones not too bad though!
    I feel the framework itself has left lots of gaps with my class- bless them.

    Had hoped to get all my planning done today as 2moro is the first sunday in a long time that I'm going out for dinner but looks like I could be up for hours...

  4. Yep me too! Going out tomorrow, hopefully so wanting to get it all done today. At the moment I am finding the english book worse than the maths one but maybe that is just me. Only done 2 of the english units.
  5. I'm nqt planning on my own so every little helps.

  6. Not an NQT but only been in Y1 since January and moved for KS2/3 so finding this all new. Someone has just emailed me and reminded me about click teaching. It has new framework planning and resources on plus other subjects too. Pretty good. I had forgotten about it. It does cost to subscribe for the year but is pretty good. Thanks for the memory jog!
  7. You have mail!

  8. Thanks for that, really kind and helpful. Many thanks and appreciated.
  9. Hi There,

    I have just seen this post about planning for Block B Unit 3 for Year 1... I have a split 1 and 2 class and I am just planning the maths for this Unit....

    I am struggling to think of exciting practical activities.... can you help at all??

    Please email me if possible


    Many Thanks

  10. thepinkrachael

    thepinkrachael New commenter

    If someone can tell me in normal language what Blocm B unit 3 is I might have covered it and be able to suggest some of the things we've done, just useless at Block this unit that...!!
  11. Hi,
    I have just come across this post too - I too am trying to plan this unit for my year 1 class and am atruggling for ideas! Any help would be appreciated to give me a kick start, many thanks. Please email at ascott85@hotmail.co.uk Thanks, Ashley [​IMG]

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