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Maths at Independent Schools

Discussion in 'Independent' started by jon4001, May 28, 2012.

  1. Dear All
    I am due to begin my NQT year in September as a Mathematics teacher at a state school but had been hoping to get into the independent sector.
    I am a career changer from being a solicitor, so my background is not in maths. I have completed a subject enhancement course but I lack a maths based degree. I know this sets my at a disadvantage to other applicants but my question is how severely will it set me back in the independent sector? Will it be an almost insurmountable obstacle to getting a job?
    I have considered an open unviersity course to get to BSc. Before incurring the tutition fees, will it greatly enhance my chances of landing a role in the independent sector? Or is the open university not held in high enough esteem? (my law degree is from a redbrick btw)
    Your advice is much appreciated as I try and find the right path to get to where I want to be.
  2. I only know this from a chemistry point of view and only a couple of schools but I think it may be a problem for you. The indys round here only shortlist teachers with chemistry degrees, not even biochemistry is shortlisted.
    I'm sure someone with more of an idea about maths will be along soon...
  3. VDL


    Maths is possibly the only subject where as an independent school we have people without a degree in the subject they teach BUT they either hold a science degree OR have a another skill set and can teach Maths e.g. Highly skilled and experienced Outdoor ed instructor . One thing that is certain is that by not having Maths qualification you would be restricted in the classes you would get to teach - little if any post 16 and rarely top set.
    However could you do a masters that would correct this in some way rather than yet another degree.?
  4. Prep schools look for a wider skills set, and many middle/lower ranked schools will use teachers with degrees in engineering and physical science as 2nd, 3rds or 4ths in the department particularly if they bring extra curricular bonuses. But higher ranked schools will demand that their specialist maths teachers have maths or stats degrees and in the upper quarter you won't get an interview without a first at BA/BSc/MMath in maths. It is unlikely that you will become Head of Maths in any senior indy school without a degree in maths.

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