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Maths Assembly

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rabbit14, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Hello!

    We're about to have our Maths Week and I wondered if anyone knew of any great maths assembly topics suitable for the whole school (Key stage 1& 2)?
    I was thinking about doing some maths magic but wasn't sure if the Reception children / younger infants would engage with the number puzzles, etc.
    Does anyone have any good math stories?
  2. Can you get your hands on the great book "Assemblies Count" which is a book entirely of maths/number based themes. I'll come back on after school Monday and post some of their ideas (the book is at school naturally :) )

    How about something visual to appeal to the younger ones, something shape or symmetry based.
  3. That would be so kind of you! Thank you
  4. Any other ideas?
  5. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    My all-time favourite maths assembly is the story about the man who divides his camels among his 3 sons. They have to work our how many camels they each get without killing any camels!

    It's brilliant, a good story, great maths and the ending is more than a little magical. It's the one I nearly always do when I am invited to take an assembly in a primary school!. Except at Christmas, where I have a seasonal one!

    If you like I can send you the details.

    Email me by using the contact page on my website, and I will gladly send you more info!
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  6. How do I PM you - sorry to be dumb! - would love someinfo about this story
  7. I have tried googling this and searching on amazon but no luck - is it an older book it sounds FAB
  8. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Thanks - I may have to get that book! Chalky bunny, my website is www.andrewjeffrey.co.uk. Sorry for not putting that the first time - would have been helpful!
  9. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Aha. I have tracked down the wonderful sounding book you mention. It's called "Assemblies That Count" and I managed to get a second-hand one on Amazon.

    Thanks so much for the tip - I look forward to reading it!
  10. I too have now ordered the book... Any sneak previews Tamzincaryl of what to expect?
  11. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Here it is - have fun with it!
    Best done in a large hall with a flipchart, lots of volunteers, and a set of 18 A4 identical pictures of camels.Tell the story, and as you do so, get the children to act it out:
    There was once an old arab who died and left his fortune to his 3 sons. He left 12 of his fortune to his oldest son, 1/3 of his fortune to his middle son and 1/9 of his fortune to his youngest son.

    When he died, they counted that he had a herd of 17 camels. They decided to divide them up according to their father's wishes.
    (Get 17 children up to the front and give them each a card with a picture of a camel on.

    The first son worked out that he should have - (do this calculation with the children, perhaps on a flipchart), 8.5 camels.

    Sort the camels into two groups and have some fun pretending to slice one of the children in half, etc.
    They soon realised this was not great. The second son would get (again, do the calculation) 5 and two thirds camels; not ideal for one of the camels.
    The third son was due to receive 1 and 8 ninths of a camel - again a very unsatisfactory solution.

    So the three sons went to see the old man who lived in a cave at the edge of the mountains, and explained their dilemna
    "My friends I have nothing to offer you save all my worldly goods - this camel. Please take it and may God bless you through it."(Get another child up and give them a camel picture as well as they join the other camels.
    The three sons returned to their village and started to recalculate. This time, something amazing happened.
    Repeat the calculations: the first son gets 9, the second son gets 6 and the third gets 2.
    The old man's sacrifice had saved the lives of several camels.
    But to show how magical a story this is - 9+6+2 = 17, and the sons realised that they had a camel left over. They rushed back to the old man to return his camel, and shower him with gifts of gratitude.

    And there, in a nutshell, is the story of Easter. So deeply did the old man care for them that he gave up all that he had so that many might be saved.
  12. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Sorry, that '12 of his fortune' should read '1/2 of his fortune'. I got a bit too excited when typing too rapidly!
    Please forgive all the typos.
  13. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    I think everyone must have ordered one. Ive just gone to amazon to try to get one ( I have my maths week in 2 weeks) and it seems to have sold out - arr!!!
  14. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    CB123 - what is your address? Given your short timescale, I will lend you my copy if you like. It is out on loan at the moment but I will be getting in back on Friday and will gladly pop it in the post for you.
  15. What a guy! [​IMG]
  16. I have a book called 'Riddles in Mathematics' a Book of Paradoxes by Eugene P. Northrop first printed 1945 and cost 15/- (old money) by The English Universities Press Ltd which is pure and simply great maths and problem solving stories. However, for assemblies any problem solving with good visuals get attention. eg a spacecraft and 4 aliens. the aliens need to get 'a shot' at going into the spaceship in turn. eg You have aliens 1,2,3 and 4. How many ways can the aliens enter the spaceship? Give each alien a different colour. I think you can have 24 different equations.
  17. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Apologies. I seem to have inadvertantly sparked a bit of curiosity by referring vaguely to the 'seasonal' assembly, and have had lots of emails asking for details of it.

    Unfortunately it is very complicated to explain (not to deliver, just to explain). I did write it up one for a magazine but I would be surprised if anyone on here subscribed to 'VOILA!'
    If you are ever near Brighton get in touch, and I will gladly teach it to you, for the price of a latte...:)
  18. I would also like to have some more information. It sounds too fascinating. Thank you very much!
  19. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    Thanks for the offer Andrew. I have managed to find a copy on a different site and it should be on its way. However, after just reading your camel assembly (not been on for a couple of days so only just read it) I think I may do that one! Thanks
  20. re assemblies count.
    Ordered a copy on your recommendation. Should anybody be interested, the stapleford centre have sale copies at £2 including postage. They have an accompanying book of songs with cd for the same price as well. Bargain


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