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Maths and English computer based programmes for primary aged pupils?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by brookes, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. There's obviously MyMaths for recording and tracking. I quite like supermathsworld.com for immediate and quick drill (but it doesn't have tracking). And there's MangaHigh, which I believe now has a tracking facility, but I remember there being quite a lot of cartoon/exposition.
  2. Thanks. I'd not heard of two of those so I'll check them out.
  3. Hi Steve,
    I use Mathletics and am a big fan! Pupils get an individual login and their scores are recorded for each activity, even those they do at home. You sign the pupils up to a level which has hundreds of associated tasks. Pupils can either freeplay (though the tasks are not really game-like) or, my favourite part, you can set each pupil tasks which they have to complete before they get access to the rest of the tasks. You can either set all pupils the same tasks or select for each child. During the lesson you can keep updating results on your own account and get a progress report for each pupil - mine love to look at that and 'get rid' of any low scores by doing the task again. The pupils also get a list of tasks colour coded according to how well they have done it and they love that. There is also a 'play live' option where they challenge pupils from all over the world. My pupils are scondary - all our lower sets have a mathletics account so I use it with first years and an upper school class. Both really enjoy it and had used it at Primary school too. There is a lot of content yet it is really motivating.

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