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Maths 4 Real Videos

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by js07, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. I have used the Maths 4 Real videos from Teachers TV before and have a link to the cumulative frequency video on my SOW, unfortunately I did not download it. I can now not access it.
    Does any one know where I can get hold of it from now?

  2. You've got me worried now. If it isn't on that website then I don't know where it's got to. It will be a shame if it has gone.

    That is something that could be done to help teachers, record some more of them
  3. DM

    DM New commenter

    I answered a survey a couple of years ago for Channel 4 and they sent me a free double DVD of the whole set of Maths4Real films. So I expect you can buy a copy from them if you like.
  4. If the it comes to the worst then I have a copy stored on my computer. It seems odd if it has been removed from the teacher's tv site. I haven't checked.
    Although some of the videos were pretty poor, some were good introductions and give our students a rare chance to look at a video in a Maths lesson.
  5. Thanks for the replies.
    There are some new ones on the Teacher's TV site, but was after the older ones. Didn't realise they were produced by Ch4. I'll try them.
    mathsteacher1953 - would there be a way for you to send copies on? Are they too big to email?



  6. I've got a copy of the file here, it's 37.5megabytes which is probably too big to email.
    If you send me a personal message with your address on I could send you the whole two series plus the resources on a CD, if you want?
  7. Basically channel 4 took them all off and put them in clipbank, which they now charge £5000 for. It is a shame as I didn't save them either and I like Ben Shepherd's Pythag one!
  8. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

  9. Hi,

    Would it be possibe for you to send me a copy of these videos if you still have them. I really need the ratio one and have just realised that the teachers tv site doen not exist anymore!
  10. Whilst we wait for the various new "hosts" of Teachers TV videos, I recently showed a few clips on Standard Form which were on YouTube (some of the girls were giggling and gazing at the young Ben Shephard!). I think I remember seeing the ratio ones on there too. Worth a try ...
  11. has anyone got access to the Maths4Real videos now then?

    My planned lessons used the Ratio, scatter graphs, pythag and enlargement ones, and when teachers tv went down, they seem to have all disappeared. Can anyone help? Tried the link earlier about them being available to buy, but it isn't working...
  12. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    I still wish that there were something suitable for KS3 - these Maths4Real videos are great for Yr 8 and more able Yr 7s, but I often wish there was something similar for lower ability children, something that brdges the gap from maths mansion to Maths4real
  13. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Hi Trinity - what do you want videos on? As an experiment, every month this year I am producing a video for KS1, one for KS2 and a separate one for KS3.
    The idea is that as I travel around and find interesting things with potential to talk about mathematics I film them then edit them into something short but (hopefully!) watchable. Last month for example I flew to Edinburgh to film £1 000 000 and then created some questions about it. Next month I am finding out how to calculate the height of the tallest tree in Sussex, and so on, but I am struggling to decide exactly what would be good topics for future editions.

    If you had any specific topics that you would like a video on I could gladly try to incorporate that.
  14. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    AJ I think that your videos will be fab, have signed up for them, but I was wanting things along the linees of maths4real and inside maths, where a topic is revised, working through examples. specifically linked to the CE curriculum and style of exam questions would be great - sometimes the children just need a revision on something other than me!
  15. The NCETM website has 40 odd Maths in work videos in their resources Microsite section.
    These are tagged under number, algebra, shape and data
  16. Our school have made some good maths videos for GCSE on our website, www.sites.google.com/site/mathscasts. There is also a mathscasts youtube channel..just search mathscasts. We found the pupils like to use youtube...
  17. Hello,
    If you still have these files I wondered if it would be at all possible to email them to me please? Do you have it as one file or indivudal? If seperate we are particularly interest in the bearings, loci and questionnaire eps
    With thanks
  18. DM

    DM New commenter

    Sam - it might be wise to report your own post and ask the moderators to remove your email address or it will be harvested by spam bots.

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