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Discussion in 'Primary' started by HappyPixie, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Was wondering if anyone knows if either of these websites have improved maths/levels/enjoyment/participation etc etc in their school?
    Having concentrated on writing for a couple of years, our maths provision has somewhat slipped a bit, so am looking to suggest things to Maths co-ordinator/SMT, and have heard about these/tried tutpup myself, but don't have any evidence/experience as it were with students - might give it a go for the last couple of weeks of term, but wondered if there was anything a bit 'harder' to go to the powers that be with it? (They usually dismiss anything that anyone not SMT comes up with, so really need to sell it hard).
    Cheers in advance :)
  2. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    We use Mathletics and the kids for the main seem to enjoy it. It is good practise for them mentally and the more able ones love competing against other people from schools worldwide. If I were being perfectly honest though, it's the teachers who love it most because it's a maths session we don't have to plan for, and we can listen to readers. The downside for me is that a lot of my year 1s can't read the questions, so rather than getting a doss like some of the junior teachers, I run round like a headless chicken reading questions and explaining tasks.
  3. Much of mathletics is actually quite good and motivational: our children like using it at home. Be careful as some of the written strategies may be different to school strategies (the division method for example was a bit obscure for our children). Not all the activities are relevant.
    The quickfire "live" games against players all over the world is good fun. It also includes some test-style activities for SATs practice - these are multiple choice, but can be instructive as right/wrong answers can be identified and children can see where they made errors.
    In short, we got a lot out of it.
    Never tried Tutpup.
  4. I love the idea of it but its just so expensive isn't it? I only have £1000 a year in our software/licensing budget for ICT, and ours Maths Coord is tight!
  5. Cheers guys, might try out a free trial and use tutpup a bit and see what happens....
  6. We've used tutpup. Kids love it and it's free and you can see how well the kids are doing. Not used Mathletics but know you have to pay.
  7. For Year 5 or 6, Mangahigh is a really good website and is now free. My class really enjoy the games and you can also set specific challenges for children to complete. I often set these for homework.

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