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Mathematics textbooks

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Kpnuts75, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. I don't know if it's just the schools I've worked in, but the culture seems to be that if you're not stressed all the time, running around without stopping, photocopying/marking incessantly and spending all of Sunday and every evening working, you're a slacker who is failing the children.
    We need to have some empowerment of teachers so they can tackle the educational (and in some cases behavioural) challenges, but with the current Ofsted and government regime, along with the legacy left by Labour, I can't see this happening any time soon.
  2. slstrong123

    slstrong123 New commenter

    On my PGCE one school did not use textbooks at all for KS3. That made it quite difficult for me to know in my training year what work/exercises/activities I should be doing. I now use a mixture of text books and then other activities in lessons incl tarsia, card sort, extended tasks and ocassionally ICT (we don't have alot of resources for ICT).
    The old KS3 books are useful at providing sufficient practice at a topic but are a bit dull on their own, hence cards sorts, extended activities after some practice liven things up and help the children start to use what they have learned in different situations.
    For KS4 I tend to use text books more but the questions don't extend the pupils as much as necessary as per the new extended Qs in GCSE so we are trying to find other extended tasks to help the pupils and these don't always come from text books. Hope this helps.
  3. As a teacher I was made to feel that using textbooks is bad teaching. But as a parent I feel in the dark without the textbooks that teachers are using in lessons! I had to go a long way to find out what my son was doing in school everyday.
  4. What about follow the textbook's chapter sequence but teach them your own way? This way at least parents and students all know where they are should they want to do extra work at home.
  5. Just love your argument! God save the non-artificials.

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