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Mathematics teacher with a young family

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Jamie5587, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Jamie5587

    Jamie5587 New commenter

    I have recently I moved to Scotland after 3 years teaching secondary mathematics in England. The GTC for Scotland has declined to register me as they do not recognise by QTS certificate as an academic qualification. Therefore I am considering teaching abroad. I have a wife and 2 small children age 3 and. I'd appreciate any advice or recommendations on locations that offer a decent package for teachers with families. Ie housing for families/childcare. Many thanks
  2. Jamie5587

    Jamie5587 New commenter

    Additionally my children's mother and I are not married
  3. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Asia....go east my son....some awesome.countries, some great packages, some amazing ones. Fantastic travel opportunities, and cheap child care. Recruitment will start again properly in aboit September so get yourself sorted in time.
  4. Jamie5587

    Jamie5587 New commenter

    Thanks can you give any specifics you'd recommend? Are their any conditions where we would need to be married? Additionally what would I need to get sorted in advance?
  5. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    The married thing is only going to matter in Muslim countries, the rest of the world wont care. Join Search Associates as soon as possible. It takes a while to set up, but totally worth it
  6. Jamie5587

    Jamie5587 New commenter

    Great thanks
  7. GeordieKC

    GeordieKC Occasional commenter

    If you have an unmarried non-teaching partner whilst legally not a problem outside the ME, it can be an issue in many countries and schools - they may not be recognised (by the government) as a dependent for visas or (by the school) for items like flights and medical insurance.

    Definitely possible, but check carefully
  8. Ne11y

    Ne11y Occasional commenter

    Agreed on the marriage thing: also be prepared to get some kind of document regarding any subsequent name changes. A colleague of mine had to get papers to prove they were the same person as on their marriage certificate as passport name (new) and marriage certificate name (maiden) weren't the same.

    Weird, I know, and I doubt it applies to most places, but it can be a thing.
  9. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    or just get married
  10. Jamie5587

    Jamie5587 New commenter

    Thank you. We have no intention of getting married. We have discussed the possibility of her getting a tefl certification so that she could possibly find employment in the same area
  11. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

    Thailand is fine for unmarried partners at most schools I know of.
  12. EGO8

    EGO8 New commenter

  13. Jamie5587

    Jamie5587 New commenter

    No we live together. We are a fully committed happy couple raising our children together. We just have no intention on getting legally married
  14. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter


    go and live in a country where sex outside marriage is illegal.

    ectopic pregnancy.

    not medical help available without risk of arrest and imprisonment.

    man risks nothing at all, woman risks terrifying death in agony.

    you stick to your principles boy, I respect you for it.
  15. Jamie5587

    Jamie5587 New commenter

    I have no idea what is meant by that.
  16. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    I mean whatever principle prevents you just getting a stupid piece of paper is a principle that in other countries would put you personally at no risk what so ever, but puts your female partner at terrible risk, and that if you genuinly loved her, you wouldn't be considering going without a marriage certificate.
  17. Jamie5587

    Jamie5587 New commenter

    You're right it is a stupid piece of paper which is why we have no intention of getting one. Also the point of my question was to avoid going to a place like that. Thank you for your less than useless response.
  18. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    If it has no meaning, there is no harm in getting one, is there.

    You are on a public forum discussing going to exactly places like that.

    not less than useless at all. You may say you won't consider going somewhere where your partner is at risk, and that's great, but this is a public forum and there will be plenty of other unmarried partners reading, male and female, who need the actual reality of what they are considering doing spelt out to them
  19. yodaami2

    yodaami2 Lead commenter

    QTS not good enough for Scotland? Then why is it good enough for the rest of the UK? Not really asking you, just wondering really. Does Scotland have a more robust qualification? And if so why are we as a United Kingdom not using it for all?
    Good luck with your search, you could work in England in the meantime, crying out for Maths graduates.
  20. Jamie5587

    Jamie5587 New commenter

    I know I find it ridiculous. I have previously taught for 3 years in England and am considering a possible return. I earned my qts through the government schools direct program. I am in the process of appealing the decision by the GTC for Scotland so the idea of going abroad is more a contingency plan. Scotland are desperate for maths teachers as well as I have seen several schools in my area with vacancies still listed even though the summer holidays have already began. Appealing through the court of session and hopefully a judge will see the absurdity of the situation

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