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Mathematics Specialist Teacher Programme

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jamesmulhall, May 2, 2010.

  1. Leicester_Vics

    Leicester_Vics New commenter

    My place has been confirmed through Nottingham Trent University. Anyody else going to be doing this course starting in September?
  2. Hi

    I'm starting my MAST in September but through Edge Hill University. My residential is the first weekend in Sept. Looking forward to the challenge but by the sounds of it i'm going ot have to make sure i'm organised throughout th year so I don't get behind with everything!!!

    Good luck to every one who starts it in Sept.[​IMG]
  3. Leicester_Vics

    Leicester_Vics New commenter

    Congrats Merlin!
    I've got an after school launch event in September then the firs residential is in November. I'm already feeling nervous that I've taken too much on!
  4. ksc6

    ksc6 New commenter

    I've just got on the course based at Canterbury Christchurch Uni from September. I'm looking forward to it but am a little concerned that we haven't been given an indicator yet of how long the assignments are - there seems to be no correlation between the different courses as someone else has already said. Would be great if we could set up some sort of group or forum for people on the courses to check in on how people are coping. Our first meeting is in October (I think) and the residential is in the Easter holidays...
  5. Hi Leicester_Vics
    I'm doing the course at Nottingham Trent at the minute and am going to be at the launch event in September (if it's at Beaumanor Hall after school?) The course is hard work and drives you mad at times but I've loved it. I'm not numeracy co-ordinator at my school so it can be a bit tricky but would definitely suggest you go for it, as with everything to do with teaching you just need to be organised and juggle your work/life balance.
    We are also constantly moaning as a cohort and telling them to change things for the next lot (you!) our first assignment was due in on the Monday after the Summer half term, exactly the same day as everyone had to hand in reports to their headteacher - not good planning! The residential is really good, was worried about spending a weekend with a load of 'maths geeks' but had a really good time and met loads of people, plenty of opportunity for bonding in the bar at nighttime!
    Several of us are going to be at the launch so I'll look out for you! I'm happy to answer anymore questions you might have.
  6. Leicester_Vics

    Leicester_Vics New commenter

    Thanks Jo, that's reassuring to hear!!
    My launch event isn't at Beaumanor, it's at Forest Lodge on the 28th September. Will you be at that one or know anyone that will be?

    Glad to hear about the residential, I was panicking about not fitting in, as I wouldn't class maths as a particular passion/specialism of mine!
  7. Hi
    Im very interested in doing this and i am currently studying for a masters with edge hill. Please could you send me any information. ALthough its probably too late for Setember now. Thanks.
  8. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    Im considering starting this course in Sept. I wanted to do it last year but my LEA was not involved but they are involved this year. My only problem is I have just got the assistant head job in my school, which involves a lot of teaching and learning but also some SEN work. I have been maths leader for 5 years in school and still want to keep my hand in this area. I was just wondering on how much the work load is for the course. Has any other assistant / deputy head teacher done this course and did you manage to fit it in?

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