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Mathematics Specialist Teacher Programme

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jamesmulhall, May 2, 2010.

  1. I ve been asked by my school to take part in this but wanted to hear from anyone taking part. I teach year 1/2 and although my maths is sound Im worried I might be out of my depth.
    I would love to hear from anyone taking part and that have attended to residential days. Thats my idea of hell!
  2. The residential weekend was fun but hard work ( lectures until 9 at night!) We also have Saturday school ( last one had a lecture of the philosophy of maths teaching which was mind-numbingly dull but the rest were fine!) and afternoon meetings locally. The course itself is pretty good-very thought provoking about how we teach maths, major concepts etc. Most of the set work is directly related to work you do in the classroom so, although there is a great deal to do, you can see the relevance. Many of the readings required are interesting, the odd one downright dire! Having to write Masters level assignments is a bit of a struggle after years of inactivity however! Whilst the majority of the course members in my cohort are Upper KS2, there are plenty from lower down the school too! I studied GCE maths over 30 years ago and am managing to keep up!
  3. Thank you, It doesnt sound too bad then if its mostly related to how we teach.I must admit im not looking forward to the assignments. Are there any exams and is it possible to fail? Would hate to be put on this knowing its maybe not for me.
  4. There are no tests but a series of self study activities, readings you have to do and 1 assignment a year for the 2 years. We've just been given the info on the assignment at the residential and it's a case of picking a theory and testing it out in your class. It's a Post Grad certificate and the studying is at masters level. I'm 26 so did my GCSE not so long ago and got a B and a C in statistics but failed AS level maths, oops, and I don't feel out of my depth. Yes there are a few areas where I switch off as I haven't a clue but also many more things that I'v been fully engaged in and loved. I did a degree in English so I am well out of my comfort zone and I love it. The idea is that after the NNS goes this year, we (the people with the MAST degree) are the ones to go into schools and help those in need in the maths department. I'd give it a go, I'm glad I did it!!!
  5. We hand in our first assignment on May 15th and have been told we'll simply get it backto do again if it's not good enough! No exams to take but, in theory, it would be possible to fail if you didn't put the work in!
  6. it is extra work
    im 6 months into mine - and it seems to be aimed more at ks2
    some of the tasks are frustrating for ks1
    but you get £3000 at the end of it[​IMG]
  7. This years cohort do, but we've been told next years probably won't![​IMG]
  8. Leicester_Vics

    Leicester_Vics New commenter

    I'm thinking of applying for this aswell.

    How often do the weekend sessions happen?
    I'm not numeracy coordinator at my school, is this course mainly for coordinators as I like my role as music coordinator ut also want to do this for my own professional development.

    Any advice greatly appreciated. I'm in the East Midlands if anyone has specific knowledge of the course here.
  9. East Midlands will probably be through University of Northampton in partnership with other regional uni's. I am doing this, started in January, and although it is quite an additional work load I am really enjoying it, especially the residential and weekend lectures/workshops.
    We have 5 Saturday sessions planned within a year (ours Jan to Jan) and 5 network meetings with our local Authority advisory team - in work time. Requires self-motivation and good time management. Just got our first assignment and it is clashing with the report writing season and residentials and performances (I teach Year 6) but not impossible - just challenging.
    Glad I got involved, sure you will enjoy it if you want a deeper of understanding of what and how we teach mathematics.[​IMG]
  10. Leicester_Vics

    Leicester_Vics New commenter

    Thanks VG.
    The course I'm applying for is through the University of Northampton, but the application forms they have sent me are for Nottingham Trent.
    I assume most of it will be in Nottingham in that case?

    Where did your residentials take place and were they all paid for you?
  11. Yes, your uni and network should be local. Our residential was in Northampton, but ther were several in different locations - although some people based at Nottingham Trent were at our one. All paid for, accommodation and food, and as I said before really enjoyed it.
    Hope you get on and enjoy!
  12. It's a considerable workload, especially if you have any sort of additional responsibility in school already, or a family or a social life. If I didn't know there was the money at the end of it I would have dropped out. Make sure your Head is 100% behind you and understands what the role entails. It is structured in such a way as to have no direct correlation to the Strategy or classroom teaching. There are 5 key themes- math thinking, proportionality, representation, pattern and generalisation. THe course is only really being written a few steps ahead of us, the first cohort. I think the course organisers will need to review; it's certainly an awful lot of work for relatively few credits towards a MA.
    If you have time on your hands and a fervour to do it then do.
  13. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    Im really interested in this course - Im in Manchester. How do you go about applying? Can you do it yourself or does your head have to put you forward? Will it cost me or the school anything? Do you have to stay in the same school for all the course?
    Sorry for all the questions!
  14. Leicester_Vics

    Leicester_Vics New commenter

    There is? I wasn't aware of that. Is that just something for cohorts who are already on the course or is that still the case?
  15. THere is money for this first cohort, but as posted by others earlier, don't hold your breath for it if you are going to be in one of the later cohorts. Certainly now with a change of Government, I would think it less secure.

  16. Leicester_Vics

    Leicester_Vics New commenter

    Well I hadn't read anywhere aout receiving money, and wasn't doing it for that reason so won't hold out for it! Would be nice if it was still there!
  17. I don't agree. The whole focus of the first year is how children learn maths, it relates directly to the classroom. And the second year's focus is working with colleagues.
    Surely the program wouldn't be different in different areas?! Our 3 key themes are:
    detailed knowledge of the aspects and progression in maths (FS-KS3)
    deep understanding of the range of approaches to teaching and learning
    analyse range of coaching and mentoring skills (this one is about working with colleagues)
    I'm not even sure what your 5 mean- they sound like buzz words?!
    Not a criticism, just a bit puzzled that what you've said seems to contradict what I thought my course was about (though the details have been a bit sketchy to be honest).
  18. I think you'll find Alea that we are doing the same programme but based at different regional centres. I do think that the 5 key themes our course is focusing on are buzz words and would be far happier with the three key themes your course is centred around. Your entire programme seems eminently more applicable to the real work of raising teahcing and learning in mathematics.
    We are already working with colleagues in our first year.

    So obviously there is not an agreed standard, individual regional centres have written and had validated their own programmes.

  19. Hi,
    I started the course in January based at Sheffield University. I am enjoying it but am finding the thought of starting the 5000-7000 word assignment quite daunting. Our assignment is based around teaching a creative activity and then writing about why it was successful. I am a year 2 teacher and have focused on introducing numicon to a group of 4 year olds. Just wondered what others members of the course had chosen for thier focus.
  20. We were told at our Local Authority meeting that the first cohort (us) will get the £3000 but the next cohort will not be receiving it.

    My assignment is on strategy games and how they promote talk and discussion.

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