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Mathematics Specialist Teacher Programme (MaST)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ksc6, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. ksc6

    ksc6 New commenter


    I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm looking to apply for the next cohort of the MaST programme but I just wonder if anyone can tell me how long the assignments are? I'm looking forward to applying for this but I don't want to take it on if it's going to be a whole bunch of hefty assignments. I'm already in the process of writing a 20,000 word thesis at the moment so I might take a year's rest before starting something that is very 'word-heavy'! Any advice would be greatly received :)
  2. ksc6

    ksc6 New commenter

    *appreciated, not received!
  3. In the first year we have two, the first was 2000 words, the second is research based and is 3000 words, so neither exactly long. Not sure about the second year tho', no-one has mentioned it yet!
  4. ksc6

    ksc6 New commenter

    That's great, thank you. Which LEA are you in? I'm assuming the expectations for the course are all the same though?

    If anyone has any ideas about the second year - please let me know! It doesn't sound too daunting so far...
  5. I'm in the East Midlands partnership-it covers Nottinghamshire, Rutland, Lincolnshire and somewhere else I can't recall! The course does seem to vary from partnership to partnership and even ( although only marginally) between differing universities in the same partnership! None of them however are based on heavy amounts of written work so-although there is a LOT of reading to do, there doesn't seem so far to be a lot of writing, just doing!!!
  6. I'm with the South West for the Maths Specialist Teaching. We've got 3 assignments plus a project to complete this year.

    First assignment was 1000words; next two are 2000 words and not sure about the project yet. As the previous poster said - lots of reading and doing maths tasks with children.
  7. ksc6

    ksc6 New commenter

    Is it manageable?!
  8. Hi I am at the end of my second year of this course about to start writing up the final assignment. The final assignment is a whole school development project with a write up of 5000 words. I have found the whole course to be very interesting and insightful but manageable. The biggest weight is the reading. The input from uni and network meetings is really useful and feeds well into the classroom. I can honestly say this course has had a great impact on my own teaching as well as on others in the school, well worth it!
  9. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I'm starting this soon as well and am worried about writing essays and assignments. I did a maths and physics degree and have been a teacher for 15 years. Haven't a clue how to write a decent assignment or do proper research.

    But I am really looking forward to it and know that the local consultants, my school and hopefully the university and the other people doing the course will be a great help and support and it will all be a huge success.

    Sadly and geekily, I am very excited about doing all things mathsy.
  10. ksc6

    ksc6 New commenter

    Ah I too am very geeky with the love of maths. Having done a maths degree myself I also appreciate the fear of essays! But as I write, I am procrastinating from doing the final 6000 word essay of the first year and it hasn't been too horrendous. Only 2000 words to go!!! I must say that I've loved the course and it's been really interesting to hear the views of a wide range of colleagues. We had a residential course at Easter which sounded really intense but was actually very enjoyable (although I think I'm the only person who enjoyed the algebra we did first thing on the second morning)!
    Obviously I guess it depends which university and LEA you are with, but I've found my tutors to be really helpful. We have been given lots of guidance on how to write at Masters level, including clear expectations of what you need to do to pass. We have been able to send excerpts of our essays to the tutor for advice and guidance, and we spent some time on the residential looking at education literature, discussing and then writing a paragraph that included it.
    I hope the course offers you all that you want from it [​IMG]
  11. I see that this hasn't seen many comments of late but hopefully you will all have passed by now, I'm starting this soon and was interested in your comments about LOTS of reading......will I have to spend a fortune on books? If so which ones did you find mist helpful.


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